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I heard pegasys has less side effects and does less damage to the organs then pegintron 2b. My viral load is only 500,000 and doctor isn't even going to start treatment till 2008 so why would he put me on the harsher one. How many are taking the peg 2b. and has anyone tried both or heard the same thing? If it is true I opt for the less harsh one
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Hi Ralph, I am Beth - Nice to meet you :)

I think it all depends on who the pharma salesperson is that calls your Doctor's office...Most Doctors that treat Hep C, that are not in a big Hospital, have to appoint a Nurse or a PA to deal with those on treatment - here in Ontario the Doctors request a partial payment for that PA from the Pharma's - or in some cases the Pharma's will pay the entire thing, providing the Doctor writes the script for treatment with their product only - In the Clininc I go to they use both, and advise the patient they can choose if they so desire...My Hep Nurse told me that the only "real" difference that she knows of between the two is - Pegasys stores fat in the liver - But, 2 weeks after treatment ends the fat goes away...She also said that her patients have said they felt less side effects from Pegasys (peginterferon alfa-2a) but that is not proven, that I know of anyway...

I use Pegasys becasue that is what my drug plan has on the approved drugs list.

Hope this helps - Beth
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I've used both and have found that the sides with Pegasys are lesser.  But, like a lot of stuff realted to hcv there are no universal truths.  The meds can affect people differently.  Don't know about the organ damage.
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Thank you I have not lchecked with my insurance I have crapy blue cross hmo thru the county used to have united they were great but commissioners picked this because they cheep. I have been with my gasto doctor for 7years because I ulcertive colitis so I think if I ask he will change. I heard pegintron 2b is hard on the heart kidneys lungs. I just dont want to get rid of one thing and damage something else cemo did that to my dad

I am so confused
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I echo FLGuy's sentiments. I have taken both and Pegasys was much easier for me to tolerate. Mike
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Are you still on treatment? If not which did you say with? I read that for geno 1a pegintron hasa 48% of remition and Pegasys is only 28 %

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How much do you weigh? Peg Intron is weight-based and therefore may give more bang for the buck if you're on the heavy side. Pegasys, on the other hand, is one dose fits all -- meaning more bang for the buck if you're on the lighter side. Both pegs have advocates among some very prominent doctors. If your weight is not an issue, I'd go with the Peg your medical team has the most experienced with. Also, if you're waiting for 2008 to start treating, keep an eye on the Telaprevir trial results by end of this year. If all goes as hoped, they study may produce double the SVR (cure) rates for genotype 1's in half the time. If so, and depending on the amount of liver damage you have, it may give pause to treat now with the current drugs as opposed to waiting for either a Telaprevir trial or when the drug hits the market hopefully in  a few years.

-- Jim
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