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Pain Issues

Feeling like crap all the time! No energy because, of pain in my shoulder and in my back and legs! I don't want to do anything anymore just lay in bed and sleep! I feel as though I am at the mercy of others all the time and I haven't seen a doctor yet cause, I have no insurance! There are days I would rather just lay down and die but, I try to keep going and going! My husband doesn't understand or family to what it feels like to wake up in pain daily and there isn't nothing I can do about it but,suffer it out and sleep! Not doing well at all!
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I lived in Victoria about 30 years ago and back then they only had two hospitals (Citizens and Detar) but even then the University of Houston was establishing ties to the community in both health and education. Could you contact community support at either hospital and ask for a referral? Ask where to go and what they tell other people. I hope they have more than a 'pat' answer.

If you have no where to start then sometimes following the trail of HIV treatment and detection leads to an opening since it is an illness with some infrastructure. Maybe you could try LaVaca County, Victoria and I am not sure about Corpus. My thinking there has to be something.

Sometimes it gets down to calling one place and being to called to another and yet another but if you have no resources and need advanced care it might be worth it.

Here is a link with DHS/Infectious disease control for HCV.
Scroll down and click on the Hepatitis C link (btw next to that link are two numbers you could try)


When you finally click on that link there are other links and the last one has an important links as it suggest you get vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B so be sure to ask about that:

Victoria City-County Health Department
Special Services Division, Suite 104
2805 North Navarro Street
Victoria, Texas 77901
Tel: (361) 572-0125
Toll Free: (800) 879-1448
Fax: (361) 575-6342
Web: www.victoriacountytx.org [VCCHD]
Counties Served: Victoria, Calhoun, Dewitt, Goliad, Gonzales, Jackson, Lavaca
Area of City: Central
Clientele: General public
Anonymous HIV testing (free), confidential HIV testing (free), TB testing, prevention counseling, health education/risk reduction, HIV prevention education, nurse on-site, hepatitis vaccination, case management for HIV/AIDS, financial education/emergency assistance, food pantry, housing assistance, medication assistance program, transportation.
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First of all, I am so sorry for your pain. It must be hard when your family does not understand. I am trying hard to educate them on what I will be going through when I go through treatment but I am praying hard that i will have very little side effects. I do not know where you live but isn't there any kind of supplement medical insurance there in your state. I live in Texas and we have a program that is called Carelink for those that do not have insurance. I sure pray that you feel better soon and i will keep you in my prayers SusieQ.

Blessing and Healing your way!
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Do you have Hepatitis C?
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I will check into that.... Thank you for prayers and for being helpful! God Bless!
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Yes, I was told on the 6th that I have it and cirrhosis of the liver!
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Welcome to the forum and I so sorry to hear that.   I don't know where you live but The Public Health department will help you get to a doctor.  There is treatment for Hepatitis C.  What is the status of your cirrhosis? Do you
Have copies of your test results.
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Welcome to the forum.

First, do actually have Hepatitis C, the disease, or do you have only the positive antibodies to Hep C? You need to find that information out, whether you have just the antibodies, or whether you actually have chronic Hep C disease.

If you are feeling as bad as you say you feel and you have Hepatitis C and you have cirrhosis, you need to see a Hepatologist soon. You do not say where you live, but most large university affiliated medical centers have financial assistance programs. Many have a sliding scale or they treat for free. Ask your doctor to refer you to a Hepatologist at a large university affiliated medical center or call them and make an appointment yourself. Also, ask to speak with the financial assistance program/department and/or the social services department for help with your financial situation.

If you can give us more information it would be helpful and we could respond better to your questions.
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I liveIn Hallettsville Texas! I was told by the doctor that I am Hep C positive and I also have Cirrhosis of the livero ! I was to gt but,go and have an upper GI and ect, b been but since I have no insurance I have no insurance it has been delayed!
Will,accept help in any suggestions! The biggest city I live closes to is Victoria or Houston! Victoria is the closes though 45 miles!
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Yes I have my hospital discharge papers!
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Do you have something that says your hepatitis C Viral load?  Did they do
A liver Biopsy?
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Go to this website "hepatitis.va.gov". Enter in the site by clicking on the box
On the right- for veteran's and the public.  Read about the testing for hepatitis C.  The viral load test confirms you have Hepatitis C.  If it wasn't included in the hospital release papers....get it. It's the first step of many to get to where you need to go.
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