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Pain Medication Alternatives

So I was diagnosed with Hep C Genotype 1a last year. 5 years prior to that I was diagnosed with MS. which is controlled well and I still work full time. Problem is I have taken for many years 2 Norco at night due to spine pain from the MS, as the Lyrica makes me so "groggy" the next day.
My question is what would be a good pain medication substitute that will not cause any unnecessary damage? I know I am in the acute phase still so some climbing of viral load and enzymes are to be expected, but mine are pretty high (enzymes) from the first ones done in October. My viral load increased by 50x and my enzymes by 4x in just 5 months--- I can do without the pain medication, as I didn't take alot in the first place---but I tell you I feel the spine pain like mad after a day of nursing and its nice to feel it go away while I enjoy my family.
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I take Codeine Sulfate - no Tylenol in it - 60-90 mg daily. I was taking Oxycodone but it was too strong for me to function well on.
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Tramadol I hear is a good alternative as long as you take just a little bit - 100 mg a day, I think


I take acetaminophen sometimes but again, not very much - less than 100 mg

It's tough when your liver is not functioning well

Good luck with your pain management as well as your liver disease
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