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Pancreatitis and interferon

I am slated to start triple therapy in Feb. 2012.  Does anyone have any experience or knowledge regarding peg interferon and pancreatitis.  I appreciate any response..... and thank you in advance.
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I should explain I am a 58 yr. old male with hepatitis c... geno type 1a.... biopsy in 2004 revealed stage 2 level 2.  I am told I am now somewhere between late stage 2 and level 3.  My earlier post received many helpful replies.  I request info about triple therapy and prostatitis as I also suffer from prostatitis.... also depression and anziety which are being controlled daily with flomax and ativan respectively.  I am disabled with severe back pain....... recently weaned myself off of methadone 20mg daily for pain.  I still take 25mg to 30 mg oxycodone for pain control.  1.5 mg  daily for anziety.  Most days I am not out of the house.... others I do not get out of bed. I have tried antidepressants such as lexipro... Busprin.... effexor...zoloft and wellbutrin with no success.  They made me feel sicker.   I could not tolerate them.  Felt like I had been poisoned.  7 years ago I was on paxil...... I tolerated that and I am supposed to try paxil again... was to start 3 weeks ago but honestly I am apprehensive as I feel I am just now stabilizing after zoloft and busporin 6 weeks ago.   Hepatologist says she won't treat me without anti-depressant first.  Actually it seems I tolerate all of my meds less now a days.   Once I get my mind around it I will try Paxil soon.   I must take triple therapy in Febuary.  Got to get my mind around that as well.  As you can probably see,  I suffer from insomnia as well.   I know this is a mouthfull.  For the receptive ear.... I thank-you.  I respect that there are others with heavier loads.  Somehow I feel better writing it all out to this forum.  Advise if you can and know that I greatly apprciate it.
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In my above speech lol,  I mistyped.... I seek info regarding triple therapy and pancreatitis.  Thanx.
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