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Panic attacks/ Anxiety

So I joined this community earlier today and have already felt lot's of help from all I've read. I just tested positive for hep c and am waiting to get into a specialist to do follow up. I can't believe I have hep c, and figure I got it somewhere between 5-11 years ago. In a strange way I'm relieved because I have been having abnormal things going on with my body and doctors previously did not figure out the hep c. I just new something was not right for between 1-2 years. Panic attacks and anxiety. frequent bouts of mild-severe brain fog,that makes me feel mentally ill. So I hope I can be seen soon. waiting to find out all the info of my specific case seems to be worse than having it.  
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Welcome to the netherrealm of Hep C land! Feel free to ask anything (nothing is sacred, -although I still haven't got an answer as to why men have nipples...) You will find yourself in good company here, and a willing ear or two (or 100) if you need to vent when the "hurry up and wait" part of your fact-finding mission becomes annoying...I recall when I was first told that I was infected -I even argued with my Dr that he had to be mistaken..After all, wasn't the fatigue and the brain fog from getting older and trying to fit too much into a hectic schedule?!? Sigh...I even went through a grieving period because I thought my life as I knew it, was over. I'm happy to say I was wrong.Although it was a huge "pothole" in the "road of life", I was able to get through it, change the flat, and keep on trucking! ;)
So the next steps you will get to "indulge" in are (1) determining your genotype (the strain of hep C) (2) (if it warrants) getting a liver biopsy (scary sounding but no biggie) (3) deciding whether or not you are going to go through treatment. The standard treatment is chemotherapy, plain and simple with smaller but more frequent doses (and different meds) than what cancer patients get. It sounds scary, but at its worst, most people feel like they are fighting the flu in various stages.
The worst part right now is the @$@#%@ waiting for the process of Drs and tests...That alone almost made me mental...:) ~Melinda
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A very warm welcome to our forum,you are fortunate to be aware that you have the virus-some people remain ignorant of their condition until late on. Once you have all the information from your doctor you will then be in a good position to decide on the right course of action and now is a good time to be looking at treatment as so much is coming through the new drugs pipeline.
Try to remain positive,maintain a healthy lifestyle,ask questions and refrain from using alcoholl.

Good luck !
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The correct term for the current standard of care is called antiviral therapy and although many people compare it to cancer treatment it does not produce the radical side effects cancer therapy does.  Not everyone who undergoes antiviral therapy will suffer from unmanageable or harsh side effects such as those experienced on the cancer chemotherapy.  

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“ I still haven't got an answer as to why men have nipples...)”
I think God gave them to us so we will have something to look at when y’all are not around.
I guess he figured anything is better than nothing.
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Welcome Skeeter.  Try not to stress - you will find you are waiting a lot.  Try to accept that you now know you have it and are taking the right steps. Remember some folks have had it for quite a few years and are still considered healthy for the most part.  Here is a good link to get you started with the knowledge base.  http://www.janis7hepc.com/


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I actually want to congratulate you! When you think about it, we should be thankful that we were diagnosed and now have good chances to get rid of hep c and live healthier and happier lives. Just imagine how many folks around don't have a clue that they have HCV too and keep suffering from its various symptoms. So, really, look at the glass half full and go win this fight. People on this forum are really helpful, you won't feel lonely going through the treatment.
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I should've known you'd have the answer..LOL I guess it shows that God has a sense of humor too...;) ~MM
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Hello, welcome to this communita, and congretulations, that you have discovered HCV. With this you started new era of life, with all the tests, etc. I remember myself three years ago, when I discovered it, and it was the same shock, but in the same time relief feeling. I also had very bad cases of panic attacks, few years prior to discovery of virus. That was very annoying, since I was not able to travel, anywhere, thinking that something will happend to me. I felt that something was wrong within me, and didnot know, what that was. It was realy terrible, so I understand you. Now I dont have those symptoms for long time ago, and I guess that it was partly psychological too.
I wish you good luck, and now that you discovered , what it is, you are on a good road to cure yourself!, Good luck!
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you r now on the road to recovery.  I felt like life as i knew was over too, even after treatment, but 1 yr later I'm taking spinning classes 4 times a wk and light weight lifting, which I thought physical excercise was a thing of the past.. I was a gym rat b4 treatment and 1 yr before I was diagnosed was very fatigued and had painful joint in my wrists. but i am now back at it in full force. I do have aches and pains sometimes, but a little of that could be due to age, I'm 50 now so I expect to feel something, but at least the fatigue is gone.  Good luck,
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