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Peg Intron / Pegasys dosage

I asked my doctor for pegasys over peg intron.  He addressed my concerns and told me sx's for me would be similar with either drug and kinetics were similar for both with regard to initial suppression of the virus.  I had read about peaks and troughs with peg intron.  He said that was dated info.  Ok, so we decided to stay with peg intron.  

Now...about dosage.  Can anyone explain why pegasys is one dose fits all and peg intron is weight based?  I will get 80 mcg with weight at 114 lbs.  How will I get the same amount of interferon using either drug?
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Great question.i have often about that....looks like it best to do the PEGTRON...more bang for the buck.
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I get 96 mcg at 138 pounds so I bet that's right. There are charts on the internet that can help you confirm the doctor's dosage.

As for the rest of your question, I cannot answer because I've only been on peg-intron. It is also my observation that people report sx as you presented them to your doctor.
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