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Pegainterferon alfa-2b dose

My GI started me on 120 mcg/0.5mL of Pegainterferon alfa-2b.  He said the dose was weight dependent, mine being 160.  I notice several other people posting a dose of 135 or 180.  My viral load was undetectable at four weeks, but did my GI start me out with too low of a dose of the Pega?
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i started 120mcg/0.5L at redi-pen "setting 4" (80%) dosage, my weight was 156/5'8", and no virus detected at wk 4. immunologist said my dosages along with riba & vic (sounds like a country music band) would not be reduced unless my weight dropped below 124lbs. i weighed 125 at the end, Oct 2012, wk 38.
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"did my GI start me out with too low of a dose of the Pega?"



"120 mcg/0.5mL of Pegainterferon alfa-2b.  He said the dose was weight dependent, mine being 160"

peginterferon alfa-2b

Table 1: Recommended Pegintron Combination Therapy Dosing (Adults)

Body Weight kg (lbs)
66-75 (145-166)
Amount of Pegintron (mcg) to Administer
96 mcg

Body Weight kg (lbs)
76-80 (167-177)
Amount of Pegintron (mcg) to Administer
120 mcg

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There is a difference between Peginterferon alfa 2a & Peginterferon alfa 2b

According to the chart it looks like 120 is the amount for your weight:
It is a chart on this link.

Here is a thread

This is from the web:
Interferon is a drug that mimics a protein in the body that the immune system uses to destroy viruses. Pegylated interferon is a modified form of the drug that is able to stay in the body longer, which provides better treatment. Two kinds of pegylated interferons are available -- peginterferon alfa-2a (also called alfa-2a) and peginterferon alfa-2b (also called alfa-2b). The main difference between these two pegylated interferons is in the dosing.

Alfa-2a is used as a fixed weekly dose. Alfa-2b is used as a weekly dose based on the weight of the patient. There are other differences between the two drugs, but they are mostly technical and are used by the prescribing physician. For example, alfa-2a has a relatively constant absorption after injection and is distributed mostly in the blood and organs. But alfa-2b has a rapid absorption and a wider distribution in the body.

Until January 2008, no data directly compared these two medicines. That has changed with a large clinical study known as IDEAL. This should provide interesting results that will allow physicians additional insight into these powerful chronic hepatitis C therapies.

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Thank you for your reply and the link.  I have great confidence in my GI and I didn't want to think he could have made a mistake.  
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Thank you for replying so quickly.  The guide is a great help. Kev
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Thanks for the info.  Sounds like my weight loss is following yours.  I should be able to get into my high school prom tux by the time I'm done. lol.
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Welcome to the forum.Like others have said the dosage sounds about right.You got  a RVR which means you're responding very well to treatment.I presume you most be a genotype 2 or 3.I was a genotype 3 who treated on Pegasus 180 mcg a week and 800 mg of RBV a day for 24 weeks,lost a lot of weight during treatment and kept it off post treatment.

Best wishes on a  SVR

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Thanks for the encouragement.  I'm genotype 1a.  I'm also taking Ribavirin, two 600 mg pills//day, and Victrelis twelve 200 mg pills/day.  Can't say I've minded dropping the Christmas fat. lol.  Hope it stays off post treatment.  I have my eight week VL coming up Friday.
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