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Pegasys or Peg-Intron

I have been just diagnosed with hep c. last month. I have seen the Hepatology Doctor and have had blood work done and a liver biopsy yesterday, will get the all the news on Tuesday. The doc gave me choices of starting TX with or without the biopsy or to not to do TX at all. Because of my age 53 he suggested I start the TX 24 or 48 weeks depending on my genotype. The only numbers I know now is my ALT has been over 140 sence 2001. I have learned alot so far from this site and others about hep c and TX. The doctors office had a flyer in the waiting room for Peg-Intron. I have been reading about Pegasys being less on the SX and SVR. If I have a choice with my doc. and my HMO whats your thoughts.
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Welcome to the forum.  FYI, many docs promote one or the other peginterferons because they are working with one of the drug companies that make either pegintron or pegasys. My doc promoted pegintron to me but I told him I only wanted pegasys which he had no problem with. I am sure the people here who did both will chime in. I hope we see you around. LL
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hey all....6 mo. post tx results back....i AM CLEAR.....another battle fought and won....thanks for all the support over the past year and a half....

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I visited with my doc's PA today and she wants to put me on peg intron. I mentioned to her what I have learned off this site from ya'lls experiences that Pegasys has lesser side effects. She told me since I am very early (yeah) that it wouldn't really matter, I should have few side effects. She has 12 patients currently on. None have lost any hair. 2 have only had to stop working the last month (of 48) She didn't agree with an extended treatment regime. I don't know. What she says and what I read here are so different.
Really waht is the truth-what can be expected?
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Congrats! You've done it! Have a fun celebration. LL
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Both meds are close in SVR rates. I chose pegasys for the reported lesser sx's and the slightly higher success rate but it was very close. Most docs who recommend one over the other have some involvement with that particular drug manufacturer or did have. Mine was involved previously with a pegintron trial and was in the proccess of applying for funds from them again for another study. Still he had no problem giving me what I wanted. I don't know of any health reasons they would say no to one drug over the other. My doc was all for extended tx in my case but his RN told me he thought it was not neccessary. I am sure my doc did not know he told me that. You should talk to your doc directly about that. I think they only recommend it if you did not clear at 12 weeks or perhaps had a very high VL or a lot of liver damage but not just as an open option without a reason. I think you might want to discuss this issue with your doc directly to make sure if there were issues for you they would be open to this. Just my thoughts. LL
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In 2000, I tried Intron A/Ribaviron combination, Schering's predecessor to Peg-Intron.  I lasted 7 weeks and had to stop due to severe sides.  Before trying treatment again, I found research (posted on this site at some point) showing Pegasys had fewer sides and may better for type 1's.  Also, some folks here reported fewer sides and better quality of life.  My GI was cool either way.  I finished 48/48 two weeks ago of Pegasys/Copeg, and although it was no walk in the park, I worked the whole time and had some social life.  

Good luck : )
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