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Has anyone gotten this after EOT?  The doc thinks this is what I have....but i just took blood tests last week and platelets are good, all blood levesl are working their way back to normal.
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Petechiae (pronounced puh-TEE-kee-ee) are pinpoint, round spots that appear on the skin as a result of bleeding under the skin. The bleeding causes the petechiae to appear red, brown or purple. Petechiae commonly appear in clusters and may look like a rash. Usually flat to the touch, petechiae don't lose color when you press on them.

For photos of petechiae see the following web page...


Petechiae are tiny, usually measuring less than an eighth of an inch (about 3 millimeters). Larger varieties of these types of spots are called purpura. Petechiae may indicate a number of conditions, ranging from minor blood vessel injuries to life-threatening medical conditions.

The following diagnostic tests may be performed to determine the cause:

Coagulation tests including INR and prothrombin time
CBC with platelet count and blood differential
Bone marrow biopsy

You should see a dermatologist to conform the diagnosis of Petechiae.

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I have an appointment with Derm on Wednesday, thought it was a rash at first, but maybe not....weird....
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I have them. They've faded either as my liver is now healthier or I'm older. Either way, they never were a problem.
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yeah, it doesnt' seem like they are a problem in and of themselves, just could be a sign of something else going on...but I will be patient and see what the doc says....thanks!
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Derm on Wednesday...great! They should be able to get to the bottom of this.

Let us know what they determine.

Here is the info on petechiae with pics.

Good luck!
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I have been having it for more than 3 years and I ask every doctor I was coming across if they know what the cause will be. At that time I did not know I have hep c. Anyway, only recently my liver specialist said that can be a sign of Cryoglobulinemia. I tested for it and came back positive. I will have random red dots appearing on my lower legs are (up to the knee) and they will fade in a week time. I severe cases cryoglobulinemia can damage the kidney but ohter than that in my case it shows the link between the hep c and lymphoma I have. It is supposed to dissapear on succesfully treating hep c. But yea, it is another sign of autoimune response.
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I have them too, but mostly they are large redish-pruple blochy spots on my arms and legs.  

i found this info, hope it helps:

Blood spots; Skin hemorrhages

Purpura is purple-colored spots and patches that occur on the skin, organs, and in mucus membranes, including the lining of the mouth.

Purpura occurs when small blood vessels join together or leak blood under the skin.

When purpura spots are very small, they are called petechiae. Large purpura are called ecchymoses.

Platelets help the blood clot. A person with purpura may have normal platelet counts (nonthrombocytopenic purpuras) or low platelet counts (thrombocytopenic purpuras).

my DR confirmed this with me. he also said i had cryoglobulinemia too. it's worse post treatment for me.

i use clobetasol ointment and it seems to help.

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Well, I am hoping it has nothing to do with my liver.  I just finished treatment (24 wks peg/rib).  have been undetected since 4 weeks of treatment and finished treatment about 5.5 weeks ago.

My biopsy pre treatment was at a 0/1 fibrosis and 2 for inflamation, so basically my liver is in pretty good shape.

Never had this before, but got a pretty big out break in my claves and half way up my thighs. it looks like it wants to start on my arms now, but not so noticable as my legs, they look bad....so not attractive, ha....
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Cryoglobulinemia is said to be coagulation of a blood protein under 37C. So I have been told to stay out of cold. But for me it happens mostly when I am tired. If I do have a long day I will certainly have some spots showing. I was hoping that treating hep c cryo will get healed as well.
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got bad for me during tx both times....
now i get it every so often mostly on my calves- glad i read this post because my new doc has ordered a bunch of tests that have to do with ferritin and cellular function- i will know what those might suggest now!
it seems the RIBA may have something to do with it too, since it affects the marrow.
Anybody know about that?

thanks and i will add to this once i get results.
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I have noticed red spots on my ankles recently (I'm in week 28 o Triple Tx) but when I press on the skin, the redness does temporarily dissapear.
  The other thing I have had, for the last year, is ugly little purple veins under the skin, on the inside of my calves and outsides of my thigh.
  It would be nice if they got better, ater Tx, but I can live with them, and at least no varicose veins...my mom has terrible ones
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yea, I had an explosion of those little purple veins around 3 years ago at the same time the red spots appeared. Since then also my blood test are not so great either. I mean lowish white cells (3.0) and platelets (115)
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  Hi Diana: same here. My skin "issues" appeared, when my platelets went below normal (120 before Tx), but at the time, I was so naive about labs, etc.
   I cant believe how much I have learned, from this website, hanging out with smart people has rubbed off on me. Looking back on my labs, prior to Tx, in 2011, my white and red cells were lower than the labs rom my other years. I am really glad I kept the old labs.
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