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Pharmacy question - need help!

Initially, I was getting my PegIntron and Riba through Wal-Mart Specialty Pharmacy.  They would ship it via FedEx directly to my house.  Wal-Mart assured me that they were a provider under my Blue Cross/Blue Shield policy.  Now Wal-Mart calls and tells me they just found out they are not covered under my policy for PegIntron and they shipped my scripts to Infusion Technology who is covered under BC/BS.  However, Infusion Technology now tells me that they are only covered for the PegIntron, not the Riba and that I can just take the script to my local pharmacy and get the Riba refilled there and the local pharmacy will submit the claim to BC/BS.  I am totally freaked out because I need my drugs by Friday and I'm just now hearing about this on Tuesday.  The girl at Infusion Technology says, "I THINK we can get your PegIntron to you by Friday".  Well, guess what?  I don't want to hear "I THINK".  I want to hear that it will definitely be here by Friday.

So, my question is this:  Does anyone get their meds through Infusion Technology (I am not sure if they are a national company or maybe just local to Florida, for all I know)?  Does everyone just get their Riba through their local pharmacy?  If you use Infusion Technology, have you had any problems with them?  

Thanks for all answers!
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I get both the pegasys and copegus directly from the pharmacy at my grocery store.  they special order it, but i pick it up there. They are a maintenance center and I can get 3 months supply at a time instead of month by month.  saves copay $ big time.
Can you call your insurance and get a few names as back up? You might need a new script though.
Good luck on this
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I always try and plug Fisher's SPS (Specialized Pharmaceutical Services) whenever possible. They make a generic version of riba that's only $1.50 per 200 mg pill and they can next-day deliver right to your door.

You can call them to see if they accept your health plan at 1-888-347-3416.

For those of us without prescription coverage, the $1.50 versus $10 per pill was a huge savings.

I'm pretty sure they also have Pegasys and Peg Intron. Their website is www.spsdrug.com.

Good luck.

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I use Priority Healthcare/Freedom Drug 1-888-419-9993.  I'm on Pegintron/Rebetol and they call me 2 wks before I'm due for the next shipment to schedule delivery.  Received w/o fail so far.  You might check and see if they are a participating provider thru your BC/BS.  I've been very happy with them.

Whoever you choose to provide your meds, I'm hoping you don't have any further problems in getting your scripts set up and meds delivered.  I know how frustrating that can be.  

Good luck with tx.  I'm on 20/48.
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I was told by Walgreen's Pharmacy here in Denver that they would always have the Riba for me but would have to special order the Pegasys vials for my injections and would have to rely on another pharmacy to send them the Pegasys.  When I heard that, I called my insurance company immediately and asked them for their assistance in order to have me place my rx's with a company who could assure me that I would get my initial Copagus and Pegasys timely and then definately timely thereafter for the duration of my treatment.  They told me to use the company - Cig Tel Drugs which is a mail order pharmacy and they will always have the 2 combo meds in stock.

I called Cig Tel Drugs and they sent my medicines right out - through the mail via UPS.  I have never had any problems for the 45 weeks that I have been taking these medications and it is very easy that my GI calls to get both prescriptions refilled for me.  

I would advise you to call your insurance company and tell them that you have to have a reliable source who will be able to guarantee the arrival of your prescriptions (as you can't get off schedule with either of these 2 medicines as well as you can't wait on any refill orders and that you must keep on your schedule).  Also call Cig Tel Drugs and see if they are covered by your insurance company and if they can assist you with getting your medicines.  Cig Tel telephone number is  1 800 835-3784.

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I know how you feel. I get my Riba locally but my shots are sent by Priority Healthcare. So far they've missed getting me 2 out of  3 doses on time,(1 day late both times). They are quite nonchalant about it and the person in charge of that detail even argued with me about whether it was good or bad to get off of my schedule. I would take a hard line stance and insist that it be there ,no ifs ands or buts, if I were you .It's hard enough without worrying about getting your meds.  Good luck to you.

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Hey I hope you are doing well. I live in S.C. and I used CVS ProCare Pharmacy. They shipped my meds via UPS...NEVER ONE SINGLE PROBLEM...I have Blue Cross Blue Sheild of GA. For the 2 months I was able to work, they shipped to my work address and then when I had to go on disability, they shipped to my home. My meds were shipped in a box w/ about 4 of those freezor packs. OH YEAH....DOES ANYONE WANT TO BUY SOME FREEZOR PACKS ???? LOL I am wishing you well, and try to get used to some frustrating situations you might have to encounter.....and let me tell ya it's pretty rough trying to stand up for yourself, when the brain fog hits......sometimes, well all of the times I was talking w/ my disability guy, who by the way, is a wonderful man from Unim Provident, I would start a sentence, I would forget the next word....it's wierd, but manageable!!!!! I hope you have an aesy time on tx. Everybody is different. Best Wishes, Cindee
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