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Planning ahead

Where to start? I am planning to start treatment for geno type 1A in November. A close friend has asked me to preform her wedding ceremony & I couldn't say NO. Delaying the start mostly in fear of the rash. So I feel like a nvice when I read some of the posts that are so detailed. I guess I'll get the lingo soon enough.
So in preperation what suggestions would you offer about the incivex, ribo, peg protocal?
I get the 20 grams of fat but wonder how you schedule your day around that. And I ave never been a good water drinker but do like H20 w/Mio tea flavoring.
Dr. did say Claratin helps w/rash.
VERY open to any & all suggestions as I finally go for treatment next month.
Oh, I'll have to change my photo-We lst our 7 YO lab on July 26th. Brown recluse spider bite turned into MRSA. Spent all of July trying to save him. Now have a new 12 week old named Abbie. Our 11 YO is acting like a puppy & showing her the ropes. I figure if I'm going to have any down time I may as well share it w/the puppy
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Welcome to the forum:

I have been on treatment only 2 1/2 weeks so I am not as experienced as others here but I will offer what has helped me.

It sounds like you live with someone which I think is a huge help. I live alone so I was trying to get fully prepared prior to starting treatment by doing a thorough cleaning of the house, taking care of bills and other paper work, stocking up on items I knew I would need, and stocking up on food, especially chicken broth, chicken soup, jello, easy to cook foods.

Specific items I bought for side effects were toilet paper (lots of it), Benadryl, hydrocortisone cream, baby wipes (you have to keep sparkly clean or you will be sorry), hemorrhoid cream, Loperimide, keri lotion, Tylenol 325 mg. tabs, soft sheets, a recliner. (I did not have a comfortable chair in the house except my computer chair so I wanted something I could lay back in.)  

I also stocked up on the supplements I normally take (Vitamin B complex, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Antioxidants, Omega 3-6-9, Citracal +D).

I get the fat in 4 times a day with the pills by eating Greek yogurt, chedder cheese, avocado, butter, heavy whipping cream. Those items are all high in fat. Be sure to check the labels so you know how much you have to eat to get the 20 grams of fat each time. I usually add a couple tablespoons of whipping cream to everything (or in addition) just to be sure I am getting enough fat. Peanut butter also is high in fat. Scrambled eggs with 2 ounces of chedder  cheese is good to go with the early pills. I do try to eat at least one normal meal with meat and vegetables, usually at supper time. I start feeling weird if I don’t.

The water is a lot of water, at least I think it is. I line up a quarts worth on the counter and make sure I drink at least 4 quarts worth during the day and eve. I think one has to keep track of the amount because it would be very easy to under drink the required amount. Sometimes I feel bloated from the water but I keep drinking it. You need the water to flush the system. Plus, the meds are toxic and the kidney lab values will start to go up if you are not drinking enough water.  Also, we need to keep our skin and mouths hydrated. I think drinking more also decreases the headaches and other symptoms.

So far I think my side effects have been pretty mild. I do feel flu like for a couple of days after I take the injections. I do get some itching and some mild rash. Hydrocortizone cream and Benadryl have taken care of the rash and itching. I had some loose stools and horrific hemorrhoids (and bone chilling pain every time I went to the BR) about the 5th day after starting treatment. This lasted about 6 days but the hemorrhoids seem to have improved a lot with the hemorrhoid cream and that pain is totally gone.  Also, I keep my self squeaky clean with the baby wipe (baby wipes with aloe and vitamin E).

Everyone differs, but I take 1 325 mg. Tylenol about 30 min. prior to the inj. and another Tylenol about an hour after the injection. I take the injections at 8 pm. I am in bed right after my 10 pm incivek dose.  I take another Tylenol in the morning when I take my 6 am meds. That keeps my headaches in check. One loperimide in mid morning has kept the loose stools in check.  

This is pretty detailed but it has worked for me.

I wish you success with treatment and no or mild side effects.
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thanks, I appreciate any & all info
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Hi there    the 7.16 is a logarithm method of saying the same thing as the 14 mill. IU/ML .
As far as  delaying the start of treatment . waiting another month is fine and will give you a chance to enjoy the wedding before you  begin.
Don't worry at all about not understanding some of the lingo...post any questions you may have and soon you will be more understand of it as you go along. To help some   with the "lingo" go to the very bottom of the page where it says "HCV acronyms and some terms are there.
Side effects are different for everyone...some have fairly mild and others more  severe It seems like the Incivek can have its assortment of side effects ,however as you possibly already know it is only taken for the 1st 12 weeks.
Folks have been finding ways to structure their lives around the 20 grams of fat and at certain times
They will chime in about how that works for them
Drinking lots of water .does seem to help with some side effects and always a good thing to stay well hydrated when treating.

Good luck  and welcome to the group  ...oh  enjoy the wedding :)
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Did find out my viral load is 14,400,000/ 7.16
And I don't really nderstand the conversion thing!
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