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Platelet count help please

Got hubbys 10 week cbc back today Platelet count says 99 L Also says the following

Evaluate results with caution. The White blood cell count and Platelet count may be altered due to interferences caused by the presence of significant numbers of large / giant platelets yikes what does this mean? Is it bad we cant talk to Dr until Monday any help is greatly appreciated! Im worried.
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As the two posters above have mentioned there is nothing to worry about with a plat count of 99.

The normal reference range for plats in healthy individuals is 150 --450,however they are somtimes reduced substantial by doing HCV therapy as the Interferon results in reduced production of these cells by the bone marrow and this is normal

Th larger platelet is also normal as this is the finding when the bone marrow is racing to keep up production

All this is fine and as iidylic mentions many  have had platelet drop to the 50,s and even lower before there is any danger.

Good luck to you and hubby the rest of the way

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99 is low but  far from dangerously low. Low platelets are common on treatment.
Don't worry. Some of the wording sounds scarey but it's just doctor speak.
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Wow I just looked on my labs and the LabCorp reference interval is 140 - 415. Mine are normal so I am not sure what the red flag is with HCV meds is.

Here is one of Hector's old posts related to the matter.
He points out that it is the Interferon and not the Riba that causes platelets to decline.  

He also points out different doctors have different thresholds for intervention. I am not sure what that intervention there is in terms of a rescue med (other than Interferon dose reduction).


I would not panic yet. I have seen some posts on here where platelets have dropped to 50 and they have managed to finish treatment.

Hang tight and someone who has been down that road is sure to post.
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cont ) also  the plats tend to jump around while treating and very often stabilize or may even rise..

Always good to do frequent CBC's to monitor all blood markers ..

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Thanks so much guys you are truly great I was freaking out! so glad I am able to come here you guys are very hepful and I deeply appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions god bless you!!
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