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I understand that platelets will go down very low when approaching stage 3 or 4 cirrhosis.  Will they go down in a dramitic manner or can a person actually monitor their platelet levels and get on tx when it gets to a certain number?  Is there a better way to guide the progression of HepC than a liver biopsy?

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I have stage 4 and my platelets have been running between 120-140 for the last 15 years. It is not a good way to monitor progression. Why would you wait to treat if you are a Stage 3/4?  It's time to treat now or at least when the protease drugs are available in 2011.
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Sorry, I see you have done treatment before. As a relapser or non-responder, you should wait for telaprevir or boceprevir ujnless you are geno 3 in which case the new drugs won't really help you. You shouldn't progress so fast that itg will too late to wait for the new drugs.
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I wouldn't go by what Susie says if I were you. No body can say how fast a person's liver damage will progress. We do know that as we get older, the damage progresses faster, especially after 50. Do you know what stage you are at or are you just guessing that you have progressed this far?

Sorry to say this, but you need a biopsy to see where you are now before you can make an informed decision. We need to remember that there is no guarantee that the new PIs will be out next year.

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As of '08 biopsy showed fret was stage 0.  No way he's anywhere close to cirrhosis.  

Also he is not a relapser or non responder, he had to stop triple therapy early due to other issues.

Fret, if you're worried about yourself and those platelets tanking I doubt you'll have anything to worry about.  


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"I wouldn't go by what Susie says if I were you. No body can say how fast a person's liver damage will progress."

Dianne, everyone is an adult here and no one talks in absolutes. Chances are more than not a person with hep C, even cirrhosis liike myself, will not progress so fast that they can't wait a few months or even a year. We all know that anything can happen regarding an unapproved drug, or a person's liver, but again, chances sre excellent thst the drug will be available in the early to middle of 2011. At the Vertex Advocacy meeting on Nov. 3rd, we were told that everything is on track and ready to go.

Thanks Trinity, I didn't know any of that. Was Fret on one of the protease as his 3rd drug?
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He was on Boce Susie.
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