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Please Tell Me

I just found the following unaswered post from "tellme" deep in our achives. Hopefully we can point him/her in the right direction without too much disagreement.


Please tell me. I just got diagnosed with Hepatitis C, genotype 1, stage 2. Should I treat or not? Is the 4-week PCR really necessary?
What about Peg Intron versus Pegasys? Do you suggest I wait for Vertex? Is there really an occult virus? What about herbs? Milk thistle? Botox? Is it OK to drink socially before and after treatment? Does Brian fog really exist and where does he live? My doctor wears bow ties, is that reason enough to switch. Is it true that some consider fudgicles helper drugs? Tell me, please tell me.
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Anyone who wears a bow tie needs to be kicked in the sack.
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I like his sarcastic demeanor though.
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Try a few hits of pot here and there. The answers will come, and if they don't, you'll feel better about not knowing. If that doesn't work, look for a 'mens only' list. They typically have better answers and are less chatty. You might also wait for Vertex 950 to hit the market next year. It's pretty much a 'sure thing' at this point.
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This post sounds like it's from one of our jokers of days gone by, I think it's best not to get the posts flowing on this one. LOL

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Rock: Is this person for real?
Does Rocker dine at McDonalds? I was just having some fun, so please don't take this thread too seriously.
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fun question for a rainy cool Saturday.My first doc wore a bow tie and suit ended up getting another doc.Even though I diden't get the svr Im feeling so much better than before TX.Now just walking the fine wire and keep my balance not a drop of alcohol or anything else that might upset the balance,try and ride it out to the next round of drugs.I used to believe that a few drinks a week was fine and for the first 28 years or so it was ok but now a few drinks and a week later Im paying in one way or another.So now Im up on the hi wire one sides ice the other fire.The way Im feeling now I could wait 20 years to TX again no big deal.Cheers
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Your genetics play the biggest role in how long you live, the rest is secondary. The best judge of how long you will live is the average age your family lives to. You can not control genetics. Wearing your seatbelt is the BEST way to extend your life believe it or not.
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LOL LOL I can you your feeling a lot better.

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To each his own. I wouldn't want to live my life eating the foods others chose to, yuck. If it works for them, power to 'em. I get far too much pleasure out of delicious foods that some claim are "bad" for you. The beauty of the thing is we each get to decide what works for ourselves. I'd rather live to 90 eating butter and a nice steak than live to 100 on bulghar and tofu. My Grandma drank "tap water" (and a raw egg)every day of her life, drank a couple shots of whiskey every night and live as long as Jimminy Cricket, a spry 102, and was never sick in her life. She smoked occasionally too. Everything in moderation is the key, a good genetic code, something we have no power over, has the most impact on longevity. The rest is wishful thinking.
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Forgot to add that my friend's dad also was overweight, smoked, avoided doctors, and lived into his late 90's when he died in his sleep.
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I will have mine with a cold Miller draft, thank you!

well, my greatgrandma was overwt, ate whatever was affordable and drank rum frequently, made it to over a hundred. Had a big smile on her face each time we brought her a bottle. Her daughter died after a stroke, much younger than her, lived in the same house and same town, probably ate the same type of food, and was also over wt.
when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Do whatever feels right and whatever makes you feel good mentally and physically. It is your choice, as long as is not illegal.
for me, I rather eat cheesecake than tofu, but i can eat both, just not together.
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