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Please help me I'm scared

From October to January I was dating Guy A and living with him.  In January i found out he lied about his testing status and slept with 23 women without telling me so we both went to get tested. I was negative for everything he had chylmadia but negative for everything else only thing we weren't tested for was herpes.  He went to get a tattoo in late November early December.  He told me in January he didnt want a long term with me so I started seeing someone else Guy B since I had negative tests. Guy B and I had started having sex in January, and we continue to hook up now and again. But I was still living with the guy A. I was still popping guy As pimples and I'm sure I used his razor and tooth brush at some point. Guy B cheated on me so I slept with Guy A a handful of times somewhere between February and April. The latest I would've slept with guy A was april 19th, but I'm not sure when I wouldve last popped his pimples the latest for that would have been may 2nd. So I'm basing my last possible exposure to his blood as May 2nd as that's when I moved out and cut contact. April 28th i was tested again for all stis including hepatitis.  All my results were negative.  But Guy A was trying to donate blood this month about a week ago and he got a call saying he tested positive for hepatitis C. He called me the morning of June 29th to tell me to get checked. I have an appointment the 5th of July to get checked for it but I doubt I'll believe the results as it's not been 12 weeks since my last possible exposure and I know I was exposed. Guy A had several rounds of tattoo done and I know at work once in either march or april he was exposed to blood. And he has lupus so his immune system would have probably taken longer to show the anti bodies for hep c..so he couldve been infected from his first tattoo in November as the tattoo artist always had his stuff prepared before guy A entered the room..whatre the odds of me having contracted hep C from popping pimples pretty much nightly as he was cystic acne and potentially using his tooth brush and razor. And what are the chance of me having given it to guy B. I'm so scared. Guy A said he went to get tested the 29th of June to see if he had hep C but I don't know if that means they retested his antibodies because the whole batch of tested blood was positive or if they did the DNA testing to see if he has an active virus of it. Which cause he tested negative in January with me I think it's very likely he has an active virus with it. Sorry it's such a long post I wanted to leave as many details as possible to make it as correct as possible...I'm really scared and guy B his entire life would be ruined if I gave it to him....what do you think the odds of my having caught it from popping cystic acne with no gloves would be I know it's not sanitary but it's too late now. And if I do have it everything says its curable but I'm still seeing that there are transmission rates listed especially mother to child...I am female would I be able to have kids and not give it to them if im part of the group that can be cured...I've always wanted to get married and have a family and I feel like thsts out now...please help me.
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Hep c is not usually transmitted through vaginal sex it has to be anal sex because blood is involved with that.
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As wierd as it sounds I'm more concerned about me popping his pimples without gloves on and possibly having cuts...or I know I cut myself with his razor....but also his doctor said it might be a false positive due to his lupus....but I feel that if it was caused by his lupus both tests would be false positive instead of one..so I think he has it...thank you for your answer I appreciate it..I'm trying to calm myself down...
Unless your finger cuts were fresh openly bleeding wounds that is not a risk. Hep c infected blood must enter the blood stream of an uninfected person.

You and I do not understand the science and whys of testing leave that to the experts. Once he has the HCV RNA by PCR test he and you will know his status.

Until then, you are wasting time and energy worrying about things you cannot control and cannot change. Save your worrying until you have something to actually worry about. Then take action as needed.
Thank you for all your answers I just hope and pray everything is okay...cause I am driving myself nuts. Thank you again
You might consider counseling. I understand this is stressful but you are likely getting yourself worked up over nothing.
It's just a really real likelyhood I've been exposed and I'm scared...and that I've exposed another person...and I dint know what to do if its positive. Thank you again for your replies
I’m hep c positive and am taking a 4 month regiment of sofosbuvir and velpatasvir .  This medication gets rid of hep c.  The medication is in pill form and I don’t feel any different taking it.  I will be free of hep c in late September.  No matter what happens you can be hep c free again.
It’s only slightly likely you have been infected.

To be proactive get tested with the hep c antibody test. If that is positive have the test for the virus the HCV RNA by PCR test. If you do show as infected then get treated and cured and go on with your life as before.

Not infected no worries. If you do get infected, get treated get cured also no worries.

Either way you have nothing to worry about.
I do not currently have hep c my results came back nonreactive…but my doctor said in the same sentence that it's usuallyaccurate a month after but to come back in three months to double check…so now I have three months of anxiety…
The normal testing window is 12 weeks after an exposure. If you test for hep c antibodies 12 weeks after a concerning exposure those results are highly accurate.

But again I doubt you have hep c it isn’t in general that easy to contract. Should you ever in your life at some point test positive for hep c today it is easily treated and cured. So in either case you have nothing to worry about.
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“How is hepatitis C spread?
The hepatitis C virus is usually spread when someone comes into contact with blood from an infected person. This can happen through:

►Sharing drug-injection equipment.

Today, most people become infected with hepatitis C by sharing needles, syringes, or any other equipment used to prepare and inject drugs.


Approximately 6% of infants born to infected mothers will get hepatitis C.

►Health care exposures.

Although uncommon, people can become infected when health-care professionals do not follow the proper steps needed to prevent the spread of bloodborne infections.

►Sex with an infected person.

While uncommon, hepatitis C can spread during sex, though it has been reported more often among men who have sex with men.

►Unregulated tattoos or body piercings.

Hepatitis C can spread when getting tattoos or body piercings in unlicensed facilities, informal settings, or with
non-sterile instruments.

►Sharing personal items.

People can get infected from sharing glucose monitors, razors, nail clippers, toothbrushes, and other items that may have come into contact with infected blood, even in amounts too small to see.

►Blood transfusions and organ transplants.

Before widespread screening of the blood supply in 1992, hepatitis C was also spread through blood transfusions and organ transplants. Now, the risk of transmission to recipients of blood or blood products is extremely low.

Hepatitis C is not spread by sharing eating utensils, breastfeeding, hugging, kissing, holding hands, coughing, or sneezing. It is also not spread through food or water.”

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Hello thank you for your answers they've helped with the anxiety a little bit. Because he tested negative in January and positive in June and he has lupus his doctor says it a chance it is a false positive...so I am really clinging to that slight bit of hope..but I have a feeling they are correct on him having it as the first test was negative so it doesnt make sense that his lupus would cause a false positive on only one out of the two tests sadly...he hasn't even told the other girl he started seeing about it yet he is waiting to see if it's a false positive...but she could be spreading it to others right now and I dont know what to do with that....if I do have this even if it is cured is there still a risk of passing it on to partners and to my children? Thank you again for your answers.
If that was a positive antibody test the next step would be the HCV RNA by PCR test which looks for the actual virus. They should have ordered that test when he tested positive for hep c antibodies and would have the results in 10 days or less.
If you ever contract hep c, get treated and cured you have no virus to transmit so not a risk to any future pregnancies
Again hep c is not generally considered to be a sexually transmitted illness as it is blood borne so if one engages in rough sexual practices where there could be blood that would be a risk
Cured is cured no virus so nothing to transmit.
I do not currently have hep c my results came back nonreactive…but my doctor said in the same sentence that it's usuallyaccurate a month after but to come back in three months to double check…so now I have three months of anxiety…
Your doctor said that out if an abundance  of caution. In other words, just to be absolutely sure.

Your risk was low, in all probability you do not have hep C

If you have anxiety issues you could consider counseling.

As I said previously worry changes nothing about possible future events it only steals the joy from today.

There was no real effective treatment until 2015 available. I learned I had liver cirrhosis in 2008 after being infected for decades with hep c. My only option was to wait and hope for effective medicines before I died from liver disease.

During that time I stared to live again I took up skydiving and went back to my old hobby of hiking.

Today my hep c is cured but I still have liver damage and cirrhosis caused by 30 plus years of infection. I don’t let this control my thoughts or my life.

My advise is to not let this very low possibility of having what is today very curable illness change your life, unless you use this as an opportunity to change your life for the better.
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Household transmission is rare

Hepatitis c infected blood must enter the bloodstream of an uninfected person. This means blood infected with the hepatitis c virus would need an way to get into your blood stream like through an open wet fresh weeping injury.

The most common method to transmit hepatitis c is people sharing IV drug needles.

Hepatitis C is generally not considered to be an STD. The greatest risk is for those with multiple sexual partners or those who engage in rough sexual practices like BDSM or blood sports.

The antibody test is reliable after 12 weeks. The test for the actual virus the HCV RNA by PCR test is able to detect hep c much sooner but usually not performed unless there is a positive antibody test as the HCV RNA by PCR test is much more expensive to perform.

Modern treatments are highly effective at treating and curing hep c for the majority of patients. The current treatments boast cure rates as high as greater than 98 percent especially for those newly infected.

Worry never takes away the sorrows of tomorrow worry only steals the joy from today.

Knowledge is power. Get tested a determine if you are infected. If you are get treated and cured.

Modern treatments are much better tolerated than the old treatments. Treatment could be as simple as one pill a day for 8 weeks.

Until you know your status avoid sharing personal hygiene items that could possible be contaminated with blood like razors, fingernail clippers and toothbrushes. But really even the sharing of those items is relatively low risk.

I hope all these comments have helped you feel a little bit better.

Seriously though I’m confident you will be fine in the long run.

Best of luck
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Also whatre the odds of me having given it to someone in my family after using the same nail clippers, tweezers (that I know had blood on them even if I washed with hot soapy water), razors, towels, and I'm sure my mom has popped a pimple or two of mine. I'm so scared I gave this to someone I love..does my whole house have to get tested?
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And I probably had cuts on my fingers when I popped the pimples as I pick at my nails. I hope someone will read these even though it has a comment and a response listed I'm still freaking out and the more I think about it the more scared I get so as I'm typing as the spiralling anxiety thoughts develop
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