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Please use this space for questions--- Hello old freinds!!! Imp. Question!!

Hi!!!!  For those OLD freinds of mine I MISSED YOU!!!!!! SHOT #38!!!!!!!!!! yEAH-- DOWNTHISROAD!!!! Are you O.K??! Galen-- Everyone???  How is everyone holding up? I've been to hell and back and it's almost over!!!!!! In a breif summary, these are the sympyoms that stick out the most:
         1.Weight loss
         2.Yucky loss of sexuall desire
         3.Incredible weakness- spurts of energy falls quickly
         4.CRAZY dreams
         5.Lack of creative ideas- lack of any motovation unless $$ is involved
         6.Terrible forgetfullness
         7.Terrible loss of self... Depression and Insane feelings...
         8.Stress of telling No one! Keeping this secret a secret!
         9.Being a woman.., I think I became much more emotinal! Periods very healthy though.
        10.Became aware of all irresponsibility around me and became an advocate for keeping one self healthy.-- Began to choose all healthy surroundings... AND people... For a little while at least.-- For me this was a stressful change...
      Well these are some things I experienced and I know MANY others did too.-- OH YEAH----------  I definetly OVERWORKED myself the whole time AND I still am! Gave myself NO pity!!!
           I've been changing jobs and moving around a little-- For those who know the story-- YES I'm still with the same guy but things have changed... A little--  How are you NEWGIRL?
           I messed up once and played with the devil that brought me to this hell in the first place... My imp. question is-- How long does Hep C live on a needle? Help- I'm out of room towrite
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I have heard that hep c can live up to 90 days. Someone correct me if I am wrong. And the sx. you are having sound like the ones I had. But I had to stop work after a little over 2 months of being on tx. I also had a bad cough, and lots of diaherra, I felt like I had been run over by a truck!!! I couldn't have felt worse. I am a bit past 2 months post 48wks of tx. Still feel bad, but not as bad. Hang in there you're almost there. Prayers to you, Cindee
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IToo have alot of those sx. And the weird dreams!!!!!! My hubby laughs when I tell him some. I even had riba rage in one  of them. LOL
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I too am moving along wk 28 and still clear, hope all are doing well as can be expected, just remember, 1 day at a time. Ive been working long hrs so have'nt been writing my fellow heppers but do still read others post when time allows, lots of new names.hang in there everyone.
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Well I think I blew it!. 9/48 and doing OK so far. Yesterday I had a long day. Rode a bike for 90 min in the AM, took down all the christmas decorations mid day and went out at night. Walked around a boat show and had mexican food for dinner, Got to bed after 11:00 way late for me. This morning I went for a early run, got out 1/2 mile and walked back. Went home and went to bed till noon, felt crapy all day, slow, GI distress and more than usual brain fog. I guess I over did it yesterday and paid the price today. I think I will have some chicken soup and go to bed early!

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welcome back, glad to hear you are still alive and kicking...not glad to hear you are still with that JERK. But its your life and you will decide what is best for you.  The virus life question:\
  According to the CDC, it is unknown how long HCV can survive on surfaces outside the body. No rigorous studies have been published on this subject. However, HCV is believed (no firm data, however) to have a similar survivability as hepatitis B (HBV) virus, which is a concern for up to 7 days in a protected environment.

To decontaminate a surface that may have HCV-contaminated blood on it, the CDC recommends using a solution made of one part household chlorine bleach to 10 parts water. Be sure to wear latex gloves and to discard them after cleaning.

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that comment above was from  Ronald Baker PhD, he is publisher and editor in chief of HIV and Hepatitis.com

Add this comment:

Dr. Dieterich is Vice Chair and Chief Medical Officer Department of Medicine at The Mount Sinai Medical Center and an attending physician at New York University Tisch Hospital

"The virus does not return after being cured, period. If the PCR is negative 6 months after stopping therapy the chances are over 98%, if negative at a year 99.99%. Any recurrence after that time is because the individual performed another risky behavior and got infected again! You should not be sharing needles under any circumstances with anybody, cured or not! This represents a true cure and the liver goes back to normal, just like you were never infected. However that does not give you license to do risky behaviors! Stay safe!"

Take care and again, good to see you alive and making some changes!   OHC
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wow...just THINKING about doing ONE of those activities made me tired.... LOL....There are some people that remain pretty active during tx....I am not one of them.  Don't feel bad if you find yourself slowing down a bit down the road. Good thoughts to you...Peace
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Hey Girl, glad to hear you are still alive and fighting the dragon.  Tx sucks big time.  No one knows that better than those of us who have been there and back.  As to how long the virus lives on a needle, you know the answers to that question.  Did you share that needle and are you asking for yourself or did you share one with someone who wasn't infected?  If the later, you need to share that info and have that person tested.  Hard to do, yes.  Necessary, yes, no question.  Take care of you and everyone else, too.  This disease sucks big time and chancing on spreading it is worse.  If there is a chance of that, sooner is better.  When treated really early, the chances of chronic hcv is low.  Take care.
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Morning everyone, I see a GI for the first time on the 19th. I hope to get a referral for a liver biopsy (which scare me). Does anyone know if there are any new treatments on the way since Pegasy? I'm tryin to be informed before I might need to start treatment. I was diagnosed in the past month with HCV probably had it for 20-25 years. Geno 1, V/L 2,250,000iu/ml and already on antidepressants. If I have minimal damage, I'm tryin to decide if I should wait for a newer treatment or start with Pegasy now? Anyone have some insight or suggestions?  
Thanks and be well, Annette
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I've read that they are working on the next new med for us but it is still a few years away.  Pegasys is only about a year old and I hope everyone does well on it, me included.  Godd luck to you.
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Chevy, have you had a biopsy?  I'm the same genotype and am at almost the same juncture as you are.  First hepatologist appt tomorrow, though I've had the ultrasound (looked fine) and battery of blood tests - maybe we can go through this together!
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I just read the other day that current thinking/research new treatment is 5 years away. And they are not expecting a "silver bullet" just less toxic solutions. You can look into a trial and get a jump on things. I have read that the first new products will be a less toxic version of vibravirin, that would be good. The other solutions are more viral supression as opposed to viral eradication. This is the current solution for AIDS, viral supression. I recently bit the bullet and chose the peg/co-peg solution. As far ad the "bright minds" in the medical profession goes, it it pretty good. 80% for geno 2&3, >50% for geno 1&4.  Unfortunatly, it is long and difficult solution. As you will see from the forum, the sides (sx) are all over the place. Some of us get off easy ( relitively), others truly have a hard time.

Hey the liver biopsy is a snap! it sounds way worse than it is! Bring a book with you because they make you sit around for a couple of hours before you can go home. Almost no pain involved

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hang in there, waves tend to blow hard in groups but u do catch a break now and again, to catch ur breath.  I read the post that was removed, some release that was!  Gl with ur daughter.  This is a support forum, for the people and by the people (and there are ALL kinds).  there are many forms of support and paths to healing, humor and prayers been some...songs, poems, etc.
we can choose what to read.  ringys and ur humor are a big part and so far it is not anything we grownups can't handle. don't let the crabbers cage you!!

those icons get me in trouble at work tho, they make me look like I'm having fun.

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looks like befuddle has been banned!  icons and posts removed from other threads.

how do we contact the moderator to show support?
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I agree about the biopsy--it is more boring to wait around after it than anything else. Like many things, anticipation is so much worse than the actual event.

Don't know about treatment. I put it off for about 6 years, and I'm glad I waited. I am 1b and the initial interferon had only a 20% shot at clearing. The Pegasys/Copegasys combo is 50% plus and it seems to be working. What made me start now was that my second biopsy (1989 and then 2002) showed some progressive liver damage. It was progressing, but not very slowly, but my dr and I agreed that the time to fight it was now, since I was in good health otherwise. If you decide to wait, think that you'll have to wait about 3 years. That might help the decision.

Good luck, whatever you choose.
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Click contact at top of page. Mike
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Hey travis I was looking at an old post Back in November I was wondering if you might Give me your email so I could Discuss Acupuncture without upsetting anyone.
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i felt a lot of energy and well being the first 6 wks, then unknown to me, I had become anemic was getting short of breath, tired and chest pain.  It wasn't until i mentioned the latter that i got procrit.  I was mad i was not told before.  I believe a lot of the discomfort i feel is due to low rbc, and they don't have to go too low to feel it. it is amazing what a tad low rbc can do.  enjoy the well being, but be alert to the above, in case nurse hatch isn't.
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Thanks for your support! I found this forum the same day I got the results (Mid Dec). I'm so glad I did too! I was frightened and felt I had no hope. I stated in early posts my Dr told me I wasn't a good canidate for treatment due to my exisiting depression, which NOW I'm wondering if it wasn't due to the HCV? I read in early posts that they go hand in hand for some? I also have had joint pain, back pain for years too! Guess this Dragon was at work while I didn't know it??  I'm definately staying with this group for support...who knows better than personal experience. I can see, we can make very informed decisions when armed with knowledge from first hand advice. I'm here for the duration...a LONG HEALTHY LIFE WITH SVR!!! I will share in your sadness, your pain, your joys, and YOUR SVR's TOO. Annette
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Sorry I forgot to thank you too!  :0(
I can't even blame it on brain fog yet??? Annette
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I too had joint pains and mental problems prior to tx. I was soooo tired after working 6 hrs!  I was so forgetful, and had a hard time concentrating & keeping on task. Quit drinking thinking maybe that was the problem.  Still didnt get feeling better.   Then quit smoking thinking that must be it!  Nope, still felt weak and had quit work 4 months before. Went to a counselor/psychologist who said I had attention deficit disorder and obsessive compulsive syndrome, but I dont know if I can blame that for everything, or if it is a true diagnosis. Went to a chiropractor for back & neck pain, he told me I must have fibromyalgia.  GOOD GRIEF it keeps getting worse!!  I went to my regular doc who finally ran the hep c test.  I do think a bunch of my symptoms were Hep C caused. Am hoping for the post tx feeling of energy and life is GOOD AGAIN that some have reported!   Glad you found this site too, it was/is a real help for me.  OHC
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Hi,Thanks for the words of encouragement. I'm an Ole Hippie Chick too! Missed Woodstock...got "lost" along the way, about 25 years lost! But it's all good now. I was diagnosed with depression in mid 1990. My Mom was Bipolar so, I just figured it was in my family history? That explained the Self Medicating for all those years! And for the aches, well I figured it came with age! I went to the Dr last month cuz I couldn't shake this cold/flu. He was finally "able" to get blood tests (I'm a hard draw)and to my surprise...HCV showed it's ugly little bugs. This sucked but, now I have reasons for these symtoms I couldn't explain. It was making me crazy not having answers for feeling the way I was. In that strange way, it's been a blessing for me to know. I've been arming myself with loads of info from this forum and other sites. I'm gonna slay this dragon, or die tryin'. I ain't gonna let it get me down, I've come to far in my life to give up now! Best wishes to you, Annette
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