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Possible Action Of Ribavirin

This is fairly new information.  As we know, the efficacy of IFN is dependent on the phosphorylation of PKR.  I have always thought - hey, since we're bypassing our own endogenous IFN with injected IFN, why not upregulate PKR?  This is part of ribavirin's job.  Well, now that we know what it does, first order is to find something different that can do the same thing.

Apparently, in SOC therapy, your own body's IFN does little or nothing to help, but the whole system is bypassed altogether.

Of note:

It was once thought that IFN-generated quasispecies contributed to nonresponse.  Now it seems that IFN-resistant quasispecies in genotype 1b are already in place before treatment begins.  The mutation is accomplished by the virus switching amino acids.  Genotype 1a responders have a lower variability of pre-treatment quasispecies than nonresponders.
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so if the quasi-species may already be in place, is that a separate issue  from other ones developing during tx? Are we then possibly faced with both scenarios affecting SVR?
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Actually, I read a transcript of Dr. Schiffman testifying before the FDA about Pegasys.  He stated that peginterferon does not create IFN-resistant quasispecies.  Apparently, these factors are already in place before we even begin tx, especially in geno 1b.  There are two 1b amino acid switches that may be predictors of nonresponse, and may be the reason why 1b is a little tougher to clear.
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I´m positiv I heard 1a is a little bit tuffer to treat.
Think we have discussed this before here at the forum, some said as you 1b and others 1a and there were studys presented dont have them but if someone have please chime in on this one.

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Hey Mk, Nice to see you hear. Very interesting posts. Thanks for posting them.

comeagian: I have always read that 1b is harder to treat then 1a
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Hey copyman, great to see you, too.  Thanks for the hello.

comeagain: geno 1b nonresponders, or a majority of 1bs, are often the first group to be enrolled in clinical trials, because 1b is the slightly worse of the two, perhaps partly because it tends to inflict more damage to the mitochondria of liver cells.  Also, nonresponse can be predicted in 1b patients who carry either of two specific switches of amino acids.

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And of course, I posted the exact same thing twice.  As usual, my brain is dysfunctional.  Excuse the repeat.

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