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Possible needle poke

my mother and law has diabietes so she leaves her used needles in a plastic container as i was cleaning up the living room because were moving i happen to see a plastic bottle but was unaware of what it was so i opened it and poured it on my hand as i saw my hand i saw they were her used needles so i quickly put it back in her container ... as i saw my hand i didnt notice a poke,scratch or any bleeding , nor did i feel it poke me but whats the chance of me getting infected with any diseases such as hep c or hiv ? would i have felt the needle poke me as i see they are really thin and fine and look like they go imto skin easily
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Anyone ?
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Well first of all your mother would need to be infected with a blood borne virus so there’s that.

Also for a blood borne virus to be transmitted you would need to have had the needle enter your blood stream.

Finally, the odds of transmission for example for a health care worker who should experience an accrual needle stick involving a patient with know hepatitis c infection the odds of transmission are only about 4%

For HIV ask in that forum but IMHO as a lay person I very highly doubt you experienced any risk especially if your mom is not infected with hep c  that would be zero risk
Thank you I dumped them into my hand and after I put back in a saw no blood nor felt a poke I thought maybe it’s possible it could’ve poke me and me not feel it only cause needle is very fine u would assume I would feel it right
I have no idea how sensitive your hands are.

But if your mother does not have hep c you have zero risk. Nothing to contract.

If she does have hep c and the needle entered your blood stream you would have about a 4% risk
So my last question would be if I saw no blood on my hand it’s safe to say it didn’t enter my bloodstream right ? It’s my mother and law and she says she does not have hep c I guess it’s just the anexity of needles that got the best of me ...
You would be the best judge if you were actually stuck with a needle. But if she doesn’t have hep c you have no risk
So my last comment, I suggest you seek counseling for anxiety and possible consider anti-anxiety medication if recommended by your doctor. Treat the condition you seem to actually do have vs ones you do not and have no risk of contracting
Thank you for your words
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