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Possible risk of catching hep C ?

I accidentally used another person's nail-scissors to trim my mostache and I cut myself (superficial skin cut). The scissors were washed with soap and water before using and there "didn't seem" to be any traces of anything on the scissors. The other person has hepatitis C. The cut was quite small and the bleeding was minor. Should I be concerned?
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Per the CDC sharing personal hygiene items like fingernail clippers and razors with someone with hep c where there is a risk of blood transmission is a possible risk.

Don’t be concerned just wait 12 weeks after this incident and get tested for hep c antibodies then you will know if you have something to be concerned about.

Has this other person gotten treated and cured with the new generations meds that have been approved in the last several years? If not they should discuss with their doctor about getting treated and curing their hep c.
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