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Post Hep C Physical Injuries?

Has anyone else experienced joint/muscle injuries post Hep C treatment?
I returned to work appx. 5 weeks after I ended treatment. I told my Gastro. that I needed time to regain my cardio fitness in order to return to work (Company physical ability test). I started back to the fitness center about 2 weeks post treatment & hit the treadmill, stair stepper, and also did some light weight training.
On my third day after returning to work I was stacking some metal parts on a pallet and was using proper lifting techniques when I sprained my ankle with a possible achilles tendon injury. My employer thinks that due to my recent Hep C treatment that may have been the underlying cause of my injury.
I have been researching the web and have yet to see anything other than aching & stiff joints & muscles as a post treatment side effect. At least from a physical point of view.  Thanks, BuzBudziak
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I have had the Gout , sore muscles and joint pain. Week 12 Post treatment.
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