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Post TX Long Term Effects

I have finished my 24wk treatment Pegasys alfa-2a and ribavirin. I finished the TX sep 2011 and Hep C is undeducable.
I still have to to 1 year test.
My question is, I am feeling realy worn out. No Energy, Joint and Muscels pain, Mostly I feel BRAIN DEAD, Don't wana think any thing and feel disable person who don't under stand what is happing and can walk around but feel useless.
I am very concern about my Brain situation. Not enough knowledgable in medical. all I know doctor told me all my blood work reports are good. There is nothing wrong.

Please quide me to find the solution or atleast I know what is wrong with me. I am not working for long time. can go out for short groceries our visit some one but not enough energy and condition to live normal life.
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Hi Dino, sorry you feel so diabled : (  I do have a friend who still has some brain fog at 6 months, but feels his is slowly lifting.
   Interferon is tough on the body, according to what my Doctor says. You might be suffering from some kind of fibromyalgia or Rheumatoid Arthritis now, or another kind of auto-immune disease, so make sure you specifically ask for a blood test, for these diseases. I think there may be medicine for joint pain, but I'm not faliliar with, only your Doctor can tell you.
   You may want to try going to a Psychiatrist, also, because they do prescribe a drug called Concerta, which helps battle fatigue, and helps the brain to focus, but even the Psychiatrists dont know exactly how psych meds work on the brain chemistry. Maybe a local support group, in your community might help also
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Thanks for quick response, fibromyalgia or Rheumatoid Arthritis are new to me. But my Dr. did all kind of blood test inclueding Arthritis the all are good.

But My condistion is terrible. Next week I have appointment with internal medicine, I am not sure what she will do.

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Hi Dino, glad you are going to the doctor.  I am definitely not an expert here.  Have you considered seeing a Neuropsychologist?  I believe they work with people that have issues do to chemo or illness etc.  Might be depression or other residue from tx still making thing not fire quite right, but again, really not an expert here.  Just another idea for you to investigate further if it helps.  

I would also be looking at natural detox diets etc. ie. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/37758450/ns/health-alternative_medicine/t/natural-strategies-detox-your-body/

Don't give up.  Hope you start feeling better soon.

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Here is an extended discussion on some of what you're experiencing:


Here are a couple things I've found that help:



You're going to find that a lot of the people who've been posting here a log time are burnt out on this topic and a lot of the newer people are afraid to post about it because the discussions become so heated.
Good luck and take care.
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Thanks JasmineT and Desrt for tips. I will mention this to my Dr . and request to refer me to the Neuropsychologist.

I Finished my treatment Sep 2012 and went to work on mod hrs for 2 month. My job is high presure job and soon I realize it is not helping me and I am getting BRAIN FREEZ and other body muscles and joint pain.

My Long Term Benifit stop when I send them Dr. letter which is declined on base on not enough medical proof. This one I have to handle on side while find what is wrong with me.

I have heard that this treatment does not effect to many patients and the feel no side effect or very little side effect.
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Hi. I finished a 48 wk tx on oct 31 2011. Still, 6 mnths later, i feel as you. *****! I can not work yet. Drs r not being supportive. I got down to 108, from 143. Look horrible. Steady weight at 115 for a few wks. I can't even exercise old muscles after being in bed for a year. Knee joints hurt i m achy, tender, malaise and fatigue. I just don't feel good! Yes im und. But why am i achy all over? I want my life back! No energy at all. RA test was neg. Is there a blood test for fibromyalgis? Thank you for helping me accept it is NOT in my head!
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