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Post TX and Right side discomfort and bulge

Ok, so I'm less than a week from getting my 4 week post tx blood draw.  This is a key (of course all of them are one way or another) test --- most relapses occur during the first 4 weeks post tx.  I'm increasingly confident the test will be negative for any virus.  I have had increasing discomfort however below my right ribs and have a strange bulge on my right lower abdomen.  My doc acknowledged what I was look at, but thinks it's a fat deposit.  Whatever it is, it seems to be associated with the discomfort and is within my abdomen and not merely under the skin.  I can feel my abdominal muscles through my skin and the bulge is under the muscles.  Yes, I'm worried.  Doc says to try Prilosec to test whether it could be an ulcer.  As some of you know, I've complained about right-sided discomfort now for many weeks.  Time to get an ultrasound I guess.
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I have almost the same

I have done the US a while ago when I was still under tx. Nothing

GP acknowledged abdominal distension.
Now I have just done CT scans last Tue and I will see the GP at the end of next week
I am in pain, there is a bulge and anti acids did not help. I already have at home the CD with the images but cannot understand anything.

Next will be a gastroscopy and a colonoscopy. I guess will be worth it. I will keep you informed as it seems we have similar symptoms :(

All the blood tests are fine though, with normal CRP and ESR so no inflammation so who knows

My bet is on either bacterial overgrowth in small intestine or even some parasites
I think it will take a while to recover and we might need some help. I tend to use Wobenzyme with food. it seems to be useful

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Good luck on the US....hope they can figure it out and fix it ASAP.
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Thanks Diana and ABN for your responses and wishes.  Diana, did your doc check you out for ascites?  I imagine that would have been ruled out given your CT scans.  For me, it seems to have been 'brewing' for a couple of weeks and now I've noticed this odd bulge.  Very interesting that you have one also.  Is yours on the right side, about just below your ribs?  Let me know how your tests go and what your doc says.  A very odd development indeed.

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Yes, it is on the right side :(
I will book with a gastroenterologist but not sure if I will be able to see him before Xmas
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Had something just like you described.  Had it surgically removed.  It was a fat deposit.  I thought for sure it was something serious......it wasn't.

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Hi DWBH.  Interesting.  Was it under your abdominal muscles?  Or was it on top of you abdominal wall?  I suppose tx can trigger some strange rearrangements of adipose tissue.  I once had a lipoma on my back kinda intertwined with muscles, but this is clearly beneath my abdominal wall.  Thanks for your comments.  Mark
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