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Post Treatment...

I am on (3rd) month negative Post Hep C treatment...I am grateful but still have ?'s.  I ran this course of txt for 6 mo's.  I'm perplexed at anyone that makes it to 12 mo. (I know there are many?)  My gosh...this is Brutal!  *.

I'm post Hep C...however, I lost my thyroid in the process...took (9) mo to treat...since it ran con-current with the Ribo/Interferon txt...I'm finally stabilized after 5 mo. of detection.  End result 2.4 TSH

* Lost nearly all of my hair...(I hear only 10% go on to experience this) it's that bad...feel like a "new born baby" when it comes to hair growth...positive..it's finally STOPPED!  
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Hi Ionn,   I was a little confused by your post as to what actual question you were asking or whether you were updating us with what's happened to you within the 3 months after treatment.   Did you have your thyroid removed so soon after treatment (?) or have you been treated with thyroid meds.     A few people on this site have worn wigs etc., and I understand thyroid contributes (or can cause) hair loss.   I'm sorry you've had such a difficult time - not everyone gets thyroid problems so that may be the percentage you're talking about.  I hope it's all uphill for you now.
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Lynn, what other conditions do you have, pre-existing or separate from the hep?
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