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Promising treatment

Are you aware of a treatment for Hepatitis C with excellent results called the Hemopurifier? http://www.aethlonmedical.com/technology/hemopurifier.htm
Not only Hep C, but HIV and Cancer patients may benefit hugely from this promising technology.
Unfortunately, the corrupt pharma industry et al appears to be able to stop its approval for use, for this treatment has had ongoing and successful trials in India for maybe four years or longer. Many could be dying unnecessarily.
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Read this for a description of how or why it would work- willy


Thanks for posting this.  How is it that approval is not likely?  On what basis?

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It's a crock!!  As far as I can tell this isn't even an fda approved medical device as of yet.  It says on the website that it will be treated a a Class III medical device, when??  What good does it do?  I compare it to a person infected with HepC getting a blood transfusion, nothing will change.  It sounds like the tx that Keith Richards use to use to kick heroin.  Even to kick heroin it was a ridiculous idea.  Just cleaning blood and putting it back and thinking that you can cure HepC is ridiculous.  take your sales techniques elsewhere
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This would be so much nicer than 48 weeks of tx.

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Willy, that's a Press Release written by the company! (Owned by some guy named James Joyce, and according to Dun & Bradstreet, has a total of 5 employees.)


"On September 17, 2008, Aethlon reported robust viral load reductions in tested HCV patients that completed the three Hemopurifer® treatment protocol. The outcomes were derived from consolidated viral load values of all three patients. The values resulted in an average viral load reduction of 60% when measured three days after final Hemopurifier® treatment, and an 82% reduction when measured seven days post treatment. Since this report, follow-on data provides for HCV viral load values to be calculated on an individual, patient by patient basis.

Patient #1 had a 95% reduction three days post treatment and 89% reduction seven days post treatment. The initial viral load for patient 1 was 5.3 x 10(5) viral units per ml of blood (IU/ml). Patient 1’s viral load seven days post treatment was 5.7 x 10(4) IU/ml.

Patient #2 had a 85% reduction three days post treatment and 50% reduction seven days post treatment. The initial viral load for patient 2 was 9.2 x 10(6) IU/ml. Patient 2’s viral load seven days post treatment was 4.6 x 10(6) IU/ml.

Patient #3 had a 60% reduction three days post treatment and 83% reduction seven days post treatment. The initial viral load for patient 3 was 3.0 x 10(8) IU/ml. Patient 3’s viral load seven days post treatment was 5.1 x 10(7) IU/ml. All viral load measurements were performed with real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). Control samples were measured in duplicate while treatment samples were generally measured in triplicate. "

3 PATIENTS?!?  ROBUST?!? None of them even had a one log drop.  More likely opportunistic VL fluctuation than medical success.  When we see log drops in hundreds over time (not over days), I'll be interested. Until then... is it reporting time?
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Plus, I can't help but think of the people that have contracted hcv because of hemodialysis... this could be a monster in the making!
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previous comment should have read "kidney dialysis" not "hemodialysis"
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I'm not saying that it's useless but it can't go into your liver or tissue and clean out the HepC infection.  It cleans blood, that's all it does.  It has no way of removing HepC from your body.  It can remove infections from the blood and that's a good thing, but to come on a forum and say that it can cure this that and the other is dishonest.

You may believe what you say, but I don't see how it's possible because it only removes HepC from the blood.  It does not remove HepC from the body and the human has alot of muscles, tissue, organs etc.  Can we see the clinical trial results?

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After reading the information from the link  posted and the link Willy posted  it seems to be beneficial to  reduce viral load so the patient has a better chance of SVR with standard treatment of Interferon and Riba  
They do not claim it is a cure for Hepatitis
It could be also beneficial with other viruses as well as HIV
The technology makes sense  I wish them luck  
thanks for posting it is interesting  
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i got land for sale
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same old story, preying on desperate people. save your money!
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Pfft...oh yeah reduce the viral load....here we go again down that road.
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The device is hardly a victim of "the corrupt pharma industry." If this worked it would be snapped up immediately by some company and brought to market. The claim that a treatment is held back because drug companies don't want the competition is used by promoters who can't scientifically prove that their drug or device works. They have to blame it on corrupt big business.

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