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Protease Inhibitor Question(s)

I have two questions about the new protease inhibitors (PI):

1.) Is there any data out about how the Schering PI trial is going?  I was invited to join that trial about four months ago but declined because it is 12 months and with INF and RBV.  I'm curious if Schering is seeing geno 1s getting undetectable PCRs.  

2.) Any speculation on when non-responders will be accepted into a Vertex trial (CTOAN....you always seem to have an inside track.

This is a personal note to SnookMeister.....I lost a 600 lb. Blue Marlin in Bora Bora...it took a run FOR the boat!  We did catch a bunch of Mahi-Mahi which were delicious.  Hope you're doing well young guy.
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Here is a site I find informative.

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Very good.  I haven't seen this site.  Thanks.

I tend to hit the same sites everyday looking for updates.  My list is here,


Does anybody else have good sites to share?

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Man, when it runs for the boat your supposed to grab the <strong>HARPOOOON!!!</strong> Kidding of course! Damn, thats a big marlin.. Must have been one heck of a RIDE! Yeah, I've been getting alot of Mahi Mahi down here as well, as this year has brought an exceptional bite.. My biggest was 38lbs, but a buddy of mine got one in the upper 40's. Thats a whole lot of blackened sandwiches and dolphin fingers!! LOL.
Hope everything is well with you, and I'll keep an eye out for trial info.
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I don't believe that SGP has released any data yet. Their PI should have been more potent than initial trials, which was a little bit of a surprise, so therefore, they have added an 800 mg arm to their current phase 2 trial.

VRTX needs 6 month animal tox. data before the non-responder testing gets started.They started that study in March, so it could not be before Sept., without a doubt. More likely in the 4th qtr IMO. The reason in theory is, that non-responders might have to treat longer. Not because of 950, but because of the prior resistance to IFN.
Unfortunately, non respon. will be the last enrolled for that reason. SGP already had longer term tox data which is why they could enroll them now.
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Thanks for the info on the other sites
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I am SO jealous about the fishing trip.  Boyfriend owes me a tuna fishing trip in January, hope I have my strength back up to hang on to the fish!  I am sure I will be handing off if it is a big un....;o)
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Vertex site-   http://www.vpharm.com/
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Extensive article on Vertex-950 and other PIs. This is worth the time. You must register to veiw but it's well worth the time.

<A HREF="http://clinicaloptions.com/Hepatitis/Conference%20Coverage/Vienna%202006/Tracks/HCV/HCV%20Therapy/Pages/Page%203.aspx/">LINK</>

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Hi, Everyone,
Here's a very novel approach to tx that I thought would be of interest to you.  It still uses interferon, but substitutes STATIN drugs for the ribavirin, and possibly/supposedly gets better results! I sure hope this pans out, as ribavirin has made many of our lives so much more miserable... and while they're at it, statins improve the cholesterol picture; and are already available! Check it out at =
Sorry I could not make that an active link.
Mikesimon, how's it going?  MN
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Sorry that did not go through the first time. That's one long continuous website address.  MN
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