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Psoriasis/Psoriatic arthritis

Before I was diagnosed with HCV I had a bunch of different things going wrong with me.  In late November 2009 all the lymph nodes on the back of my head swelled and were terribly itchy.  It seemed to happen every time I ate, about 45 minutes after eating.  Sometimes they would swell up so much I had just one huge mass of swelling on the back of my head and over my ears.

That went on until the following January.  The very same day that stopped, other things started.  I had crushing pain in my chest and couldn't even swallow water.  I was only able to eat once every other day.  I also started to get rashes that started between my fingers and over the course of a couple of hours would cover my entire body.  It was hell.  I lost 40 lbs in a few months.

I was referred to several specialists in an attempt to figure out what was wrong with me.  I saw an internal medicine doctor who sent me for every test under the sun.  Gastric emptying study, a test for cortisone somethingerother, a zillion vials of blood taken (which is how I was diagnosed with HCV), a few CT scans, MRI (one of the CT scans and the MRI while I was hospitalized briefly comtemplating whether or not they would just insert a feeding tube), upper endoscopy, Honestly, I can't even remember all the tests I had.

I was referred to a second gastro (the first one was useless) who sent me for a test to measure the contractions in my esophagus.  I was then diagnosed with vigorous achalasia.  This was a YEAR LATER.  I lived with this crushing chest pain and not being able to swallow for a YEAR.  I now take a high blood pressure med to relax my esophagus so that I can eat.

I was also referred to an immunologist who diagnosed me with dermographic urticaria.

I'm sorry for writing a novel but it is getting to my concern about interferon!  ;)

This past Thursday, after getting out of the shower, I was covered in small red spots.  I had a bunch in the crook of my left elbow and all over my lower legs.  I swore it looked like ringworm!

So while googling ringworm images to compare my spots to pics of ringworm, I see that psoriasis looks the same.  I start researching psoriasis...  Damned if I don't have several symptoms of psoriasis.  The ends of my fingers have had a buildup of excess skin for years.  I have patches of rough skin on my elbows that never go away, no matter how much moisturizer I use.  My rashes are always in the same places, my shoulder blades, lower back, inside elbows and lower legs.  

Then the psoriatic arthritis...  The last joint on my left pinky finger is permanently bend.  This has happened over the past few years.  I also had lower back pain for years, an MRI several years ago revealed some changes to my sacro joints.  

Then I also read that people with psoriatic arthritis sometimes have dysphagia.  My esophagus troubles?

I have never told any doctor that all of my troubles came exactly 4 weeks after I had an H1N1 shot in early November 2009.  I don't want to sound like a crazy "immunizations are bad" person.  ;)  I've had a flu shot every year because I have type 1 diabetes (also an autoimmune disease!).  Never had a problem...

So here is my question - IF I have been misdiagnosed with vigorous achalasia and dermographic urticaria, and I actually have psoriasis...  This can be exacerbated by interferon treatment, correct?

At about week 20 into treatment, the itching became unbearable.  I blamed the drugs...  But now I am 12 weeks post early EOT and it's not getting any better, it's getting worse.  The hip pain, peeling fingers, esophagus spasms, itching so bad I have to immerse my feet in ice cold water when I get home and take my shoes off...  It's awful.

I have an appointment with my gastro in a week.  I should probably ask him for a referral to a dermatologist.  

My father has rheumatoid arthritis but I know I do not, I had some blood test that was negative for that.

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have you been tested for lime?
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sorry its...lyme
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Yes, I was also referred to an infectious disease specialist in early 2010.  No lyme.
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Diagnosing yourself on the Internet is always a bad idea. It is like a defendant defending himself in a court of law. You are only going to lose.
Your profile says you live in Toronto. You can't find any competent doctor in the whole city?

Psoriasis/psoriatic arthritis? First psoriasis doesn't look anything like ringworm. Seriously, not even remotely. Second "The hip pain, peeling fingers, esophagus spasms, itching so bad". Not sure what web site you are getting your information from, but these are NOT symptoms of psoriasis. Psoriasis is a autoimmune disease of the skin. Any experienced primary or dermatologist can diagnosis it in about 10 seconds. All they have to do is look at it. It isn't rocket science. How do I know? I had chronic moderate psoriasis for 10-15 years. Still do but my immune system is so weak due to ESLD it is not even an issue anymore.

To make a long story short. Find a doctor to diagnosis your real health issues. Second you should stop trying to diagnose yourself on the Internet. Unless of course you need to think you have every condition under the sun based on nothing. If your other diagnosises/conclusions about your health are as misconstrued as you speculation about psoriasis is, then I'm afraid who knows what is real and what isn't.

Also, and I would think this is obvious but..this forum is for the discussion of hepatitis C. Please post other medical issues on the appropriate forum so that others here with issues with hepatitis C can post their questions, concerns and needs for information about hepatitis C and liver disease.

Good luck!

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First, Hector, no need to be so angry.

Second, my question was related to INTERFERON and the other medical issues I have.  Whether or not INTERFERON may have exacerbated already existing conditions.

Third, as I'm sure you're aware, there are many different types of psoriasis.  

I had made no attempt to "diagnose myself on the internet".  As stated, I thought what was on my arm/leg appeared to be ringworm.  It is not.  I applied cortisone cream immediately and now it has faded so that I can barely see it.  If it was ringworm, cortisone would do nothing.

I'm uploading some pictures.  
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There is also no need to be insulting.  

"Unless of course you need to think you have every condition under the sun based on nothing. If your other diagnosises/conclusions about your health are as misconstrued as you speculation about psoriasis is, then I'm afraid who knows what is real and what isn't."


I lived with symptoms that were so bizarre I was asked by each and every doctor I saw if I had any history of mental health issues.  That was until I had an esophogeal motility study.  I mentioned to the doctor who did that test, after it was done, that I had been perceived to be NUTS rather than ILL.  His reponse?  "You can't fake that.  Your contraction numbers were off the charts."

So I'll thank you not to tell me I'm crazy.  Please and thank you.
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