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Question about results

I tested positive for the hep c antibodies. I tested on June 2016 and it was referred for further testing. The report said Hepatitis C Quantitation Not Detected. I was super scared for a long time so I decided to test again on April 18 and results were
Then I tested again December 2019 and results were HEPATITIS C ANTIBODY, EIA <0.02 <0.80  hep ratio Negative.
HEP. C VIRAL RNA, QUANT., PCR HEP. C RNA, (IU) <15 ND <15 (IU/mL) ND Negative

What does this means?

Also for hep b :  hep b surface ag - negative
Hep b surface ab - positive
Hep b core igm - negative

What does this means?
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Hep c antibody negative

Hep C virus RNA not detected (ND)

It means you don’t have Hepatitis  C

For hep b ask in that forum
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I donate whole blood every 8 weeks for several years. The last 2 donations indicated my Hep C  is positive for Anti Bodies. I have been taking LIV 52 for the last 5 month and never tested positive for Hep C antigens ever in my life.
I am now denied blood donations in the USA.  My guess is that LIV.52 generates the Anti Bodies.
This is a two year old post you would do better to ask a new question.

Hepatitis antibodies are a reaction to your body being exposed to the hepatitis c virus not from taking a liver supplement. I strongly suggest you undergo further testing to determine if you are currently infected with the hepatitis c virus. You will need to take the HCV RNA by PCR test which looks for the presence of the hepatitis C virus in your blood. This is the only way you will know if you are currently infected with the hep c virus.  

Just to repeat there is no way the taking of a liver supplement would cause you to test positive for hepatitis C antibodies.

Get tested for hep C. If you are infected, get treated, get cured.
For the last 6 years starting in 2016 I have been donating whole blood for every 8 weeks. The last two donations in 2022 said I had Hep C antibodies, I have taken LIV 52 in this time period. Other than The J&J  vaccine in early 2021 , Live 52 is the only supplement my body has take in.
Still an old post.

Taking supplements won’t make you test positive for hepatitis C antibodies.

Stop donating blood and get tested for the virus the HCV RNA by PCR which tests for the virus.

People who test positive for hepatitis C antibodies are prohibited from donating blood. They will throw your donation away.
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