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RTPCR Results are in

Hi Guys:

I had been waiting for the RT PCR results for so long and today they are in

Genotype: 3b
Viral Load: 29486 copies/ml

From your own experience, and having been in contact with a lot of people at this forum, what is the severity of my condition?

Will therapy work for me?

Please let me know.

thank you
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Your genotype is more easily treated than type 1. Types 2 and 3s have roughly an 80% chance of becoming SVR. Your load is low too - copies ML = > 2x IU/ML so your load would be less than 15,000 IU/ML. Many of us have loads in the millions when we start tx. As to the severity of the disease in terms of liver damage a biopsy is the true test for that but a ct scan can give an indication. If you plan on treating for sure your doctor might not order a biopsy but it's usually not a big thing so don't worry about that. Good luck. Mike
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Sunag, you're in great shape.  Not only do you hav ea great chance of clearing the virus (due to your low viral load and genotype), but you'll only need to be on treatment for 24 weeks or so!  All things considered, you're very lucky!

Speaking of viral loads, can anyone speak to how they can vary.  I've always heard that they do, but mine quadrupled from the time I was diagnosed (November) to the time I started treatment (end of April).  The test was done by the same company.  I was optimistic at being a 2b, but now I'm bummed because of my viral load.  My nurse didn't seem too concerned about the whole thing.
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Your genotype is VERY curable. Your viral load is low. Are you in generally good health? How old are you?

If you are generally healthy, reasonably young (meaning under 70?)I think you shoud go for it. I have a friend in her early 40's with your genotype, did 24 weeks of tx, got well and went on with her life - now works too jobs.

In your case, with your chance of a cure very high, it is generally worth the sides, which may not be too bad with only 24 weeks of tx bering the standard.

Let us know.
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Hi Mike, PhilaGuy and Revenire

Thank you for the information.
I have been so depressed since a month after the diagnosis, and hearing about the side effects etc.
This news is definitely not bad!

My daughter is going to visit me next week (from the US) who is a Scientist working on Hepatitis C for the past 3 years. Both of us are going to meet with my GI and discuss the POA.
If the GI suggests biopsy/CT-Scan, I will go for it.
And will keep you all posted of the results.

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Hi There;

thank you for your concern

I am 59, had back problems for 25 years and was on pain medication and used to have high blood pressure which was under control. Other than that nothing until three years ago.

My legs and face started getting puffy. Had all the required tests done and everything was negative-Cardiology, Nephrology etc. Was on diuretics for edema.

2 months ago, felt very weak with chills, fever -on and off, basic flu like symptoms and one day had a bad stomach ache and almost fell to the ground. Went to the Internist, and was ordered a LFT which gave a FLASHING RED light with moderately elevated enzyme levels and a positive Antibody test for HCV.

I am a vegetarian, no alcohol and drugs ever in life. But where I live, the practices in the hospitals are not safe. Disposable needles came in only 5 years ago, and even those are not handled properly. In the past 25 years with pain medication and blood tests every so often- never knew where exactly I got the wrong *****!

And here I am at 59, with three grown up kids, all well educated and well settled, with 2 grand kids, and a very supportive and loving husband.
I am not worried about myself, but I am putting my husband and my kids through worry- this is what bothers me the most. Hope things will be better so that my family members will have some peace.

Hoping for the best and prepared for the worst---Sunag
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I'm 57, 2b, tx'ed & cl'ed the virus in 18days.  I cl'ed the same week my little 'c-sec' baby grad w/honors from mit.  I rec'd a tainted transfusion during emerg childbirth in a very good hospital.  I wasn't dx until after my liver failed and I went into a coma, and almost bled to death from almost non-existant plattlets when varicis burst in my throat.  

That was 9-12-01.  I finished tx in Oct '02, having cl'ed in May 02.  I found tx very doable, w/min sx's, and most of those were related to the severe liver damage.  Many aches and pains disappeared.  I had been in a analasis for depression for yrs, undergone cat scans, elective surgery and emergency surgery and no one ever tested for hep c!  And this was all in the 10yrs after hep c was discovered and blood supplies 'safe,'

You should have no trouble, what w/your lifestyle and diet.  Most people have to change to that lifestyle in addition to cl'ing the virus.
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