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What causes the rash and what is the best products to use? I do use Gold Bond on my back and it helps, but now I have it on my face, around my mouth and my eyelids have started itching.
Thanks for anything which might help.
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Thanks for the great advice as always. You people really help me. I have applied most of the suggestions for my body. It is working. And was using shea butter and still am around my eyes. However, went to the doc. on the 12th. He says its rosacea on my face. Gave me Metronazole. Which seem to make it worse at first. This stuff is awful. Like oozing dry skin and burning eyes. Today its better. Does anyone else have this and did it get better after treatment was over. I am on week 33 and this has just started on my face. Seems the cold bothers it the most.
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the first question my liver doc asked last visit was...any new allergies.

that is because on meds allergies and suroimmune probs keep cropping up for everyone.

to be on the safe side, I don't use Gold bond because is has medicated AND perfumed its product. Even rose oil makes me react.

of course I had the rash, but worse was the yes feeling like someone had poured wintergreen oil in them...they felt so bone dry sometimes I could not keep them open.

what worked for me was to take a tepid bath with a few teaspoons of olive oil. I think coconut would work also, but you might get tired of the smell. These are pretty benign, but stay away from almond oil, many are allergic to it.

what I liked about the bath method was, aside from the not too hot water being soothing for a few minutes (we are not supposed to take long hot showers or baths while on tx) was the fact that when I emerged I was finely coated all over with oil....not so much to make me slimey, but just a light coat from head to foot, and it got my back and everywhere. I even dunked my head, and my scalp and hair is doing well...better than before tx even. So the oil really helps the hair shaft stay supple.

all the drying of the riba can be kept to a minimum with a little extra care and good hydration, and if you need an antihistamine for itching talk to your doctor. Some are ok for the liver.  One thing I learned though is that every molecule you breathe in and put on your skin must be metabolized by the liver, not just what you eat, so all the fumes, or weird additives in lotions just tax the liver. I'm stage 4 so I stay away from that stuff and to stick to good old light (no smell) olive oil...which is good for you inside as well as outside.  

If no ones advice works for you try a trip to the dermatologists. They have some creams that are hypoallergenic and are safe around the eyes. I got sent home with dozens of samples.
Some of those preparations work better than any of the OTC products.

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believe it or not , poison ivy stuff works also. my brother catches poison ivy several times a yr. so there is always stuff around the house to stop the itching of that. my dr. proscribed me 2 meds for the rash... a pill to take and a cream to rub on back & chest. she told me not to use it on my face so i use bendryl gel for poison ivy on my face. it seams to help. and like others already said drink lots of water. that helps reduce alot of the sx's. let us know how u r doing.
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What has worked for me is lotion from head to foot TWICE daily. Limit my showers to ONCE a week,YUK!, (my Dr is European and does not understand why this is so difficult for Americans) I have tried several lotions and have settled on Cetaphil in the jar, the cream not the bottle. My eyelids also gave me trouble, they also got lotion 2 times a day too, ears and forehead also. My Dr prescribed a steroid cream which I use VERY sparingly on "hot" spots. jerry
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drink lots of water.  i think it's mostly dry skin.  i have sensitive skin and use the Biore Night Serum over my eyelids when they are dry.  or use Ponds on the face.  and i have to use a super moisturizing body wash in the shower too
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Would also add cooler showers,  Drink lots of water,  I use gold bond Ultimate,

Camphers  and eucalyptous,   are very good for calming, there is a lotion called sarna very good and has no steroids! It is a never ending battle!  Deb is right!

Also products with lanolin are great highly recomended   by dermatologist
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On my face I use an organic rose facial toner spray and a good organic facial cream. It calms down the irritation immediately. Often I put my own mix of organic shea butter and VCO, virgin coconut oil. Originally I made it for my body, but my 20 yr old son had been using it for 2 years now on his face at night and says he wakes up with the nicest baby skin every morning. So I started using it, too. It actually works wonders.
These kind of organic natural products are good, as they are free from parabens etc, which can irritate the skin even more.

VCO and shea butter do not clog the pores as some other oils and butters do, just be sure that your skin is moist when you put on the product, as it will help to lock the moisture in. The same applies to the body.

VCO by itself is also great.

I agree with nygirl, if you stop using these just for a day or two, it will quickly come back quickly, as our skin becomes so dry during treatment. As soon as it dries, it is very easily irritated.

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Dehydration is a BIG culprit in the riba rash.  If you are using the medicated gold bond with the menthol in it..........maybe around the face and eyes you could try the regular old GB  without it?  I did see something great at the store (CVS) yesterday that had shea butter in it...I can't remember the name of it.  Drink water and use the lotions several times a day - using them once a day didn't help me much but several times a day did.

And don't stop if the rash goes away.........I found that it came right back when I made the mistake of doing that!
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