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Hi, how many people get rashes? Where are yours located and what do they look like? Been itching like mad! Had a week in the sun on vacation, wonder if the sun caused this insane itch?
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The sun does not normally mix well with these meds and cancause hella rash. I've had two different kinds burning red covering my arms and face and butt that drives me crazy. And these pimple like sores that show up 1 or 2 at a time have been all over but not all at once and they hurt like hell and have a hard center in the middle that for me wouldn't heal or stop hurting til I got the middle out.
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When you say the you got the center out? Do you mean like you squeezed the pimple like sore?  I helped my friend move yesterday and I have about 8 red areas on my right arm.  I have had them before but never this many at one time.  Is their any relief?
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Hi there.  I had Riba rash during tx.  It moves around, so keep an eye on it.  Gold Bond Medicated lotion worked well for me but for an extremely itchy rash, please let your doc know, so they can prescribe something, if need be.  Also, I am just getting over some severe mosquito bites (I'm allergic).  The itch was MADDENING and almost non-stop, so I tried everything I had on hand.  The best thing was ice.  The 2nd best thing was a tea bag.  At 2:00 a.m., I found myself running cold water through a bag of Earl Grey tea and then rubbing it all over my bites until they calmed down, so I could sleep.

Heat will make the rash more "prickly", so stay out of the heat/sun, and sleep cooler.  Hope this helps and hope you feel relief soon.
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I got a rash.  It looks like what ninjamonkey says it looks like.  I don't think
I would be squeezing them.  A cold wash cloth seem to give fast relief. Call
your doctor.  The faster you get on top of this the better.  My doctor told
me to stay out of the sun as soon as he saw it.  It doesn't take much sun
either.  My friend just went out and bought me a shirt that keeps out 98 per
cent of the sun.  I also got a shield for my neck to go on my hat.  AND  this
rash itches like nothing I've ever known.  Its itching seems to increase if
you scratch it.  I scratched it once and paid for hours.  Haven't had anymore
rash after staying out of sun.  
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I currently have the rash...it is bad but, in the moderate range still...itches but not all the time...it just looks nasty....I don't think I would pick at them...Mary
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When I went in the sun, earlier this year, I got a sun-burn thru my light colored cotton tank-top, on my stomach and back. Talk about "photo-sensitivity". It started out looking like smooth hives, and then turned into a splothcy rash, then a sun-burn, and then a tan. It still itches a bit though, like
how a burn would feel, when it was healing.
   From there, my head began itching, at one point, I itched all over, systemically, so I had my Doctor [prescribe me an anit-itch pill, called Hydroxyzine (Atarax)  They are very small pills, no bad side effects, they dont dehydrate, like benadryl, and I took them every 6 hrs, for several days, until my itch went away (almost)
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A lot of people get a rash. The sun will only make it worse. Talk with the doc about  treatment and saty out of sun. I took benadyl and used a pepperment soap it helped the itch
but did not make the rash go away . It did get better when I finish INC.
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I had/have the rash. I have had it since about Dec. 6th or so. My treating team was exceptionally slow at doing anything about it. In fact, I had to keep calling and insist on prescriptions. Fluocinonide ointment helped relieve the itching and after about 3 weeks of treatment with the ointment the rash cleared up (but only where I put the fluocinonide oint.). The rash just moved next door or down the block. I finally saw a dermatologist and was prescribed Hydroxyzine tabs. It took a while to get the right dose ordered, but the hydroxyzine is what really helped, and it helps a lot. Currently I am taking 50 mg of Hydroxyzine every 6 hours. That is what it takes to keep the rash and the itching at bay. I still have some itching, especially on my hands and legs and have to use clobetesol soln. on those spots at times. Once I got on the right dose of Hydroxyzine, the itching mostly stopped and the rash ebbed.

I had several different types of bumps and patches. I had pinpoint and pinhead sized bumps that itched like crazy and spread around. I had hives, single hives and hives that ran together and piled on top of each other (and itched). I had the weird pimple type bumps that itch and hurt (and seem never to go away). I also had some flat red patches of various shapes and sizes (dime size to twice the size of a silver dollar) and they itched too. The skin on my abdomen was red, even where I had no rash. The rash was generalized and in the moderate range as far as the pictures go (mild, moderate, severe). I did not get much on my face but, literally, I had it everywhere else to varying degrees (and I do mean everywhere). I still have the reaction going on. The Hydroxyzine keeps it at bay, but I better not forget to take the Hydroxyzine, lol. Even with the Hydroxyzine I still have a few red bumps, but what I know is that the reaction is just waiting to explode. My skin is bumpy and discolored and those bumps flair up if I don't take the Hydroxyzine or if I get too hot. I keep the house temp very low and I do not go out in the heat or sun.

I agree with whoever said to get on it. It will snowball if you do not get on it right away. I found the over the counter antihistamines and cortisone creams to be useless. They are not strong enough. That allergic reaction is probably a systemic drug reaction so it will probably eventually make you feel like crap overall (not just the rash and itching). I could not believe how much better (overall) I felt after being on the Hydroxyzine. I felt like a new woman. Don't suffer. Get prescriptions if you need them.

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rashes only around my ankles went away after finishing Incivek. OTC with cortisone worked fine.
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There was someone else I don't remember who ill have to check my emails that had a rash similar to the pimple like sores I mentioned and they are the ones that told me to Do thats and that isb the only thing that helped for that kind. But I've had a few different kind of rashes. All have had to be treated differently. Lol I just thought its cause I'm so complicated
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Hey there, no rash so far. I did have a couple of red bumps early on. Did not scratch and put anti itch powder on them at nite. Even then it took a week to go away. After showering while I am still damp I moisturize my whole body. Read today, that I thin layer of Vaseline will help by holding in the moisture. No sun for me at all. Heat in general makes me feel icky with tx. Also, I use no fragrance detergent. I swim at night and I think the cool water contributes to soothing my skin.
I see you've gotten lots of advice, good luck.
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Sorry to read you have the rash.
pooh55811 has some great advice in treating the rash.I didn't get it during rib and peg SOC tx for 11 mos.But I did get it on 2nd tx on Incevic.I called the drug company that made Incevic and they told me to take Prednisone for the rash and Diphenhydramine for the itch.This is what my dr. gave me.I was going through this during the winter months and I would go outside shirtless and cool my body down to get rid of the itch before going to bed.During the day  I would ice myself down with ice packs.I kept my clothes in the refrigerator.I took cold showers.I had the rash from head to foot.All this helped in my discomfort with the rash.I would suggest to stay cool as much as possible to relieve the discomfort of the rash.This time of year take swims in cool water or baths.I don't know about ocean water though,with the salt and all.Also do not scratch the rash at all if you can help it.It will show as a scar later in life.I call them my battle scars.When your done with the rash the imperfections will drop off in the shower.Your skin will return back to normal.All my post sides were short lived.I am now 3 months after stopping tx.I have recovered and back to normal.I hope this helps and something for you to look forward to.Wishing SVR for you and all other members.
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