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Recently found out I have Hep C

Hey guys! So I just wanted to post a little about me and my background/story then ask my questions I have.

I recently found out I have Hep A and Hep C. I suspected I had Hep almost 6 months back. But recently just got tested and found out i do indeed have it. I am turning 18 in 5 days. So it totally ***** to know that I have it being so young. I got Hep from shooting up. I have been doing meth for about a year and suboxone for 5 years and other drugs for just as long. I have a bad problem. I cant stay sober for long. I was born premature as a cocaine baby, and around the age of 5 i discovered gas, i huffed til 13 and then started smoking weed, and doing pills and drinking. I have been doing drugs and drinnking ever since. So basically my whole life, I havent been sober. I actually find life dull, boring, and have no motivation being sober. (as I am right now) Im on probation so im putting forth effort to get off and get my license since I have already got a probation violation. Im scared i will perhaps get high off something soon. I've tried a handful of times, i relapse every time. I just enjoy myself more. And i cant do suboxone or subutex of course because it stays in my system for 2+ weeks im guessing because my liver enzymes are high. I need to get into the suboxone clinic as soon as I can, it always helped me not crave nothing else nor do nothing else and its all i would do. It possibly could save my life. My questions are,

1- Which one; suboxone or subutex safer for a person with hep c?

2- Has anyone gotten treatment and if so, how was it during the time? Im scared to death its going to be rough as hell, and ill get real sick. Im not sure what genotype I have yet.
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Welcome to the forum.  It looks like you have a full blown drug problem in addition to Hepatitis C.   Its important that you take the time to educate yourself about Hepatitis C.   The key to hepatitis C is education.  Here is a website you can benefit from "HepC.com"  In addition, this website has a
mustered colored box on the left. The last entry in that box is "Support Resources".  "Support Resources" will give you links to get you help.

It would greatly benefit you to post questions in the below referenced forum.


Best to you
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First off it doesn't matter how you got it, just got to get you on a path to getting well all the way around. edecuate yourself, get a counselor and see what is best for you. I will tell you this most of us are old timers (in our 50s and 60s) who have been trying but failing to get rid of it for years. A lot of us have cirrhosis and have had or are looking at transplants. I would give up an arm or leg to have my life back and be rid of this and I'm not kidding. Please call for help.
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Having Hep C is a bummer.  The good news tho is the treatment is not that bad.  I will say that its way worse going thru the negative effects from the drugs you have been taking, then these Hep C drugs.  At least if you do get treated you are in a much safer place then doing street drugs.
I'm really sorry that you entered this world with drugs in your system. You do deserve to get healthy and take the steps toward being clean and sober. It may be somewhat of a wake-up call I hope as it helps you to understand that getting Hep C can happen to anyone including someone so young.  
Should you decide to treat and have questions please know that we will be there to help.  Hopefully you will do some soul searching and realize how precious life really is.
Best to you
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