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Red Blood Cells

I have just recieved my blood test results and my RBC are slightly higher beyond the norm range, they are at 5.7 while the upper limit of the norm range is - 5.6

What does it mean ?
Should I do anything about it ?

I see that this is the result in all the 4 blood test results that I did since sep-2009.

Thank you,
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Thank you, Will.
Hi for nygirl, good to hear from you.
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Hey Jack just wanted to say hi!!!!!!!
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An RBC of  5.7 mill/ul/cu mm  would not be considered high at many labs. It is in the high part of normal. If RBC"s  are truly high ,no-one here would be able to tell you why. It can be caused by a multitude of conditions,and a doctor would have to do a full clinical history and other blood tests to diagnose why.
If your doc is not concerned after it being at this level in 4 tests done in the last 2 years,I doubt you have anything to worry about either

Good luck..Will
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