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Red Spots

Hi everyone,
I'm on Pegasys/Riba, 18/48 week. My suplements are MultiVit w/o Iron (OneADay, Mens formula) + Vit E 400 UI. About 2 weeks ago multiple red spots appeared mostly in the abdomen and thorax area, largest being a quarter size. I was hoping they will disappear with time, I even stopped taking Vitamins with <b>no visible improvement</b>. What do you think causes it? Is it INF + Riba or something else? What can be done?
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I am not a doctor but I believe that Pegasys supresses the thyroid which controls the condition of the skin among other things.  I am on shot 26/48 and I have had something similar recently.  I use an Aveeno product in the shower which contains mineral oil and oatmeal.  I also soak with this product once a week (usually the day after a shot when my ass is dragging).  It seems to be keeping the condition in check.  I am told that the thyroid returns to normal in most people at the end of tx.  I am hoping that is the case.  Hope this helps.  Good Luck and Merry Christmas!!!
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I'm a pegasys/ribavirin guy on week 29 of 48.  I also developed the same red spots in the same areas that you describe.  I finally asked my dr. the other day about them and he said it's definitely from the ribavirin and if they are not itching simply don't do anything about them.  I have put betamethasone valerate cream, lotion and ointment on them and it seems to help.  Also, hot water from the shower makes them light up like a christmas tree!
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You're right on the money! It doesn't itch, just looks inflamed to me. Without water these red spots are barely noticeable.

I hope it's NOT a thyroid! I'll ask my Dr for a test next time I see him (24-weeks PCR). I was tested at my 12-week and thyroid function came back normal.
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Just got my blood work back, 5/48. Still feeling OK though quite tired today, a touch of riba rage too!
How low is low WBC? my WBC is 3.2, neutrophils is 1.2. When should i be REAL concerned, I am a bit concerned now

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As long as your neutrophils are above 1.0 (1,000) you are ok.  Most docs don't start worrying until it drops below that and stays there.  If that happens, you will probably be put on Neupogen injections.  BTW, current thinking does not relate lowered WBCs and neutrophil count with increased risk of infection when it is caused by tx.  I never had neutrophils above 1,100 even with Neupogen from week one to the end and never got a sniffle.  I worked all through tx as a hairdresser so it isn't as though I wasn't exposed!
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Thanks galen, I was looking for info on the web. lots of info but no "watch out zones" My counts have gone up and down over the last few weeks. I am a control freak, and I don't like it when I don't know what is going on. I will sleep beter now, Thanks

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Here's a link to a site that talks about understanding your CBC numbers.   It's on a chemotherapy site and I thought it provided some good explanations.


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slarso, regarding your WBC and ANC you are in fine shape.  I've been going around for 4 months with a WBC of 1.2-1.5 and ANC of 520-740.....very marginal numbers.  I've been very careful about bacteria, fungus and viral exposure and seem to be OK so far.
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Hope you don't mind me jumping in on this?
You all mentioned thyroid.....I was just wondering....I'm due to do my 3/24, Mon....This last week, my throat has been pretty sore off & on...not like the soreness you get with the flu etc...more like the muscles in my throat are sore...kinda at the top of my throat, just under the jaw bone...is that a thyroid problem??  Or is this a normal for most??? Don't get to see my Hep Nurse until the 22nd.
I also had my bloods done last Tuesday....forgot what I needed to ask about, but I was told my ALT is now 64 from 107...is this good news for me?  Can anyone give me a list of what I need to check when I have my next blood test??  I was also told that my white cell count has dropped as has my heamoglobin(sorry, no idea how you spell that).
Appreciate any advice, guys,
Hope everyone is as well as can be...
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talk about coincidence, I went to My G.P and he put me on the same sleeping pill as you. When I voiced my concerns, he said those side effects can only happen when being treated for scitsoprenia(sp) and they take 3000mil. twice a day. We're very safe    Luv,   Joni
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Hey guys, thanks fot the info. my WBC is 3.2 and neutrophils is 1.2.RBC and HGB are low normal!

Tri guy, I just got back from a ride. The hills are really kicking my but. I might go out and buy a 13-27 cluster today. You info has been real help, if you ever do a tri is southern CA make sure you look me up. If I do IMW I'll do the same

Thanks to all you folks on this forum. You all make this experience SO much eaiser!!

Steve Larson
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Steve, You mentioning So. CA and a big rear cassette made me think about a bike I bought off ebay this Fall.  I gor a Calnago CT1 from a guy in Culver City, CA that had a 12-27 on it.  Said there was a 10 mile hill he rode every weekend with a 7% average grade. Sounds like a fun ride if I wasn't on tx. Haven't decided what I can do with the cassett yet as most people around here in the frozen tundra of Minnesota use 11-21's.

Brian Nelsen
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