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Relapse after Solvadi & Ribavirin Treatment

I also recently learned I have relapsed after completing the 12 week treatment with Solvadi and Ribavirin.  I have Hep-C, genotype 2.  The virus went undetectable after 4 weeks and remained that way 6 weeks after completing treatment, then showed up in a blood test done at the 12 week marker after treatment.  Needless to say I was heartbroken.  I was diagnosed in 1993 and have significant cirrhosis.  I will keep hoping for a new drug protocol that will knock it out once and for all.  In the meantime I am supporting my immune system with proper food and supplements as well as taking 1050 mg of silymarin (milk thistle) every day.  
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Hi welcome to the forum.  I am so very sorry to hear that you have relapsed
I relapsed once and I know the feeling.  After working so hard to get there, the disappointment is overwhelming.
All I can say is that I treated again and am now cured.
I hope you can get on the new drug Harvoni.
I am sure others will be a long soon who are much more knowledgeable than I am on the proper tx to try from here..  Until then I just wanted to say how sorry I am.  Was this your first time treating?
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I'm soo sorry to hear that u relapsed on Sol/RIBA.. I'm also GT2 an treated with the same drugs.  My 4wk EOT viral load was also undetected, but was told your not absolutely cured until 12 wk. undetected..I was under the impression that new drug Harvoni was for GT 1 , but I could be mistaken.  I'm hoping the next time you treat it will be successfu for you.  Your in my prayers.  Take care.   Mary
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I'm very sorry to hear that you relapsed. I'm also G2 and had the same Sovaldi+ribavirin for 12 weeks. Next Tuesday is my 12 weeks EOT and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm nervous about this, had low fever today and thought, what if? I'll know next Friday. If I relapse, I will try again with a different drug combo. Many new drugs are coming out and our prospects look good.  
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So sorry to hear of your relapse I also relapsed on Sovaldi Olysio but I am GT 1a

Unfortunately The prescribing information sheet for Harvoni says

"-------------------------------INDICATIONS AND USAGE-------------------------
HARVONI is a fixed-dose combination of ledipasvir, a hepatitis C virus (HCV) NS5A inhibitor, and sofosbuvir, an HCV nucleotide analog NS5B polymerase inhibitor, and is indicated for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C (CHC) genotype 1 infection in adults"

So it is not for GT 2 I did a quick search and did not see another treatment at this time for GT 2. Hopefully they are workng on a plan"B" for patients like you but I am personally not familiar.

Like you said stay liver friendly and keep in contact with you doctor to find out now what for your situation

Best of luck to you
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I read some of your comments and it's nice that you are still on this forum after being cured. This is my first day on here. I found out today after my second time around that I also am cured.
  I came on here to see how many others have made it. And also to try and give hope to others. Take care and god bless.
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I'm sad to hear of the return of the dragon.  I was unsuccessful my first two attempts and was utterly crushed the 2nd time (Victrelis combo)).  It took me some solid grieving time and then I just started moving on, one day at a time. Now, 2 years since that tough day, I am 10 weeks post Sovaldi/Ribavirin/Interferon and hope I will get an SVR.  If not, I'll try the next option.  (Genotype 1a)

Keep the faith.  You've got support and friends here.  Trust that new treatments are coming and so is your cure!  Virtual hugs of support to you!
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Below is an exerpt from R&D News August 27, 2014, which shows that daclatasvir PLUS Sovaldi has success with Genoypes 1,2,3,&4.  The daclatasvir willprobably be called Daklinza here, as it is in Europe.  It has its FDA appointment for approval consideration Dec 7, 2014.


European Commission Approves Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Daklinza (daclatasvir) Across Multiple Genotypes for the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C Infection

Daklinza, when used in combination with sofosbuvir, is an all-oral, once daily regimen that yields cure rates of up to 100%
Hep c is spread by blood to blood contact only, if YOUR worried get tested

How is HCV transmitted?

HCV is transmitted primarily through large or repeated percutaneous (i.e., passage through the skin) exposures to infectious blood, such as

Injection drug use (currently the most common means of HCV transmission in the United States)
Receipt of donated blood, blood products, and organs (once a common means of transmission but now rare in the United States since blood screening became available in 1992)
Needlestick injuries in health care settings
Birth to an HCV-infected mother

HCV can also be spread infrequently through

Sex with an HCV-infected person (an inefficient means of transmission)
Sharing personal items contaminated with infectious blood, such as razors or toothbrushes (also inefficient vectors of transmission)
Other health care procedures that involve invasive procedures, such as injections (usually recognized in the context of outbreaks)


What are ways Hepatitis C is not spread?
Hepatitis C virus is not spread by sharing eating utensils, breastfeeding, hugging, kissing, holding hands, coughing, or sneezing. It is also not spread through food or water.

Datklinza + sofosbuvir offers potential cure for a broad range of EU HCV patients, including those with advanced liver disease, genotype 3 and protease inhibitor failures

Category: R&D News
Wednesday, August 27, 2014 5:00 am EDT
"We are proud to have discovered, developed and now brought to market this first-in-class NS5A replication complex inhibitor. We look forward to our continued work with EU health authorities to ensure Daklinza-based regimens are available to patients as quickly as possible."
PRINCETON, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (NYSE:BMY) today announced that the European Commission has approved Daklinza (daclatasvir), a potent, pan-genotypic NS5A replication complex inhibitor (in vitro), for use in combination with other medicinal products across genotypes 1, 2, 3 and 4 for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in adults. Daklinza, when used in combination with sofosbuvir, is an all-oral, interferon-free regimen that provided cure rates of up to 100% in clinical trials, including patients with advanced liver disease, genotype 3 and those who have previously failed treatment with protease inhibitors. Daklinza is the first NS5A complex inhibitor approved in the European Union (EU) and will be available for use in combination with other medicinal products, providing a shorter treatment duration (12 or 24 weeks) compared to 48 weeks of treatment with interferon- and ribavirin-based regimens.

Today’s approval allows for the marketing of Daklinza in all 28 Member States of the EU. The marketing authorization for Daklinza follows an accelerated assessment by the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP), a designation that is granted to new medicines of major public health interest.

Please remember, this is not the one they were considering as a 1 pill combo, with asunprevir, BUT INSTEAD the single Daclatasvir NS5A TO BE TAKEN WITH Sovaldi, so it will be a 2 pills a day regimen - unless, in some  cases, Ribavirin is added in very hard to treat cases.

Hope this helps!  Also, the new Harvoni had some reference to treatment of other Gts than 1as and bs, but I don't have that info at hand.

And, finally, of Vourse, AbbVie, Merck and a couple of others are working on bringing out their on 1 pill cocktail like the Harvoni - with or without additional meds like Riba or their own version.

Of course, Daklinza/Sovaldi will probably be off label, so ther may be some appeals to be done, but if you qualify for the Harvoni. it looks like it is already being added to the Formulary for several of the BIG Ins Companys!

Keep up the faith and keep on keeping on - the answer is in sight.  This dragon WILL be stopped - sooner rather than later, for ALL of us!  Gird yourself for the new battle.  Take a deep breath, and get ready to take on the dragon!

God bless.  Let us know what happens with you.       Pat
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Hang in their buck. Iv relasped twice now. I'm also a g2. I did inf/rib that didn't work. Finished sovaldi/rib in April that didn't work. Looks like this g2 that's suppose to be the easiest to treat is turning out to be tough for some of us. Peace
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I just recently had a conversation with a friend who HIV +.  We were comparing notes about our respective treatments.  I told him I was waiting to hear if I relapsed after mentioning that everyone who takes Sovaldi appears to go UND during treatment.  He asked why don't they make a cocktail where you take a small amount of sovaldi everyday, like they do with HIV patients?  Right now that seems cost prohibitive but it won't be forever.  And obviously, I'm no doctor but it seems reasonable to assume that this strategy is being discussed or something like it could work.  Perhaps someone with more education would care to comment.

Stay strong, V.
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After relapsing too (g2b), I managed to get insurance to cover 6 months of Sovaldi, which I stocked in my fridge.  I then got BMS to agree to supply me with 6 mos. of Daklinza thru their patient connect org.  Unlike SOF/RIBA which didn't show clearance until last month (still had copies that promptly replicated back. with SOF/DAK, lab work showed by the 2nd month lab work, I was negative.  3 months later, still show negative, and will continue til end of 6 mos.  I strongly recommend this approach.  I recommend you work with BMS patient connect, who after determination of insufficient insurance, will refer you to and help steer you to the BMS Patient Assistance Org.  Since Daklinza is not FDA for G2, try to get them to approve your app and get 6 mos worth (you'll need your GI to submit scrip).  They'll tell you the Sovaldi is required, so if you have insurance, get your GI to submit for 6 mos of Sovaldi.  Your GI will likely need to also prescribe Riba, as it's half the protocol.  I just took SOF/DAK one daily.  Still have 6mos of RIBS in fridge.  Hopefully be able to find someone who needs its, so I can donate it.  
Good Luck!

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Please do not be heartbroken because genotype 2 is very curable with sofosbuvir and daclatasvir, already available.  You do not need to wait.  Contact fixhepc.com for further information and to find the correct tx for you.
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