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Its been 2 weeks since I finished 24 weeks of Harvoni.I am geno 1a stage 4.I did clear on my 1st bloodwork but yesterday and today the dreaded leg cramps have returned.I did not have them during treatment.My last bloodwork was at the end of treatment so I dont know if these leg cramps are due to me relapsing or not.It just seems so soon for a relapse.Have any stage 4 people out there experienced the horrible leg cramps but are still staying undetected who have finished with Harvoni.Please respond if you are included in this category.
                                          Thanks  Glen
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Stage 4 patients often have muscle cramps. You are still Stage 4. It is much too soon to have an improvement in liver histology. I don't think this signifies a relapse at all. BTW, most people who relapse do it within 4 weeks of EOT.
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When you say you cleared on your first bloodwork does that mean your EOT bloodwork?
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Also, leg cramps come from several things, low potassium, low magnesium, etc.

I have continued to have them some, after SVR24, too.  I just do what I did on tx and pre tx, drink a few ounces of an electrolyte drink, as mayebe I have durnk so much water I have washed away needed minerals, or have not had enough water - which also causes crsmps.

i don't do this every day, but when I start experiencing cramps, I do it then.  Happened the last couple of nights, so yesterday At bedtime I had a little gator ase (what I could easily get my hands on) and last night, no cramps.

I am a worrier, too, so I know how easy it is to think, 'oh, i've relapsed' , but try to relas.  As SSG said, the 4 rating does not just go away when we reach SVR,  we need to continue on that liver friendly diet, drink lots of water and get exercise  regularly, and give the liver time to regenerate itself.

Good luck and hang in there.  From SVR we can onlly get better and better.


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That was supposed to read '...had a little Gatorade..'. Can't blame it on spellcheck as I shut it off! : -). P
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Thank you Surfer
I relapsed once already from olysio-sovaldi.Today I experienced tenderness in my abdomen for the first time.I appreciate your words of encouragement.I am very nervous about another relapse.
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No.I was clear on my first bloodwork of the treatment.Still waiting for the end of treatment results but this is now over two weeks past that and I am now experiencing abdomen tenderness which I havnt felt in a long time.I am a former relapse on olysio-sovaldi.
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Thanks Pat
From one worrier to another you can understand that after one relapse already it is always on your mind.Plus Im now feeling some tenderness in the abdomen which isn't helping my emotions.
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Just wanted to let you know I am also F4 cirrhosis for 7.5 years and relapsed after 12 weeks of Sov Oly last year. I am also a 3 time null responder to interferon based tx.

I finished 24 weeks Harvoni and 15 weeks of Ribavirin on May 4th I have gotten a few leg cramps but was not detected at 4 weeks post. I will be doing my 12 week test on July 27

Good luck to you
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Stretch those muscles that are cramping. Simple pro-active practice everyone should be doing irregardless of cramping.
Also, I found when I get the rare cramp in my legs for whatever reason, I grab that muscle and just squeeze it as hard as I can with both hands.And just hold it like that so the muscle can't contract.
I feel like I invented this method since I've never seen it anywhere else. Works best on calves.
Cheers, and good luck in your journey.
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"Have any stage 4 people out there experienced the horrible leg cramps but are still staying undetected who have finished with Harvoni."

I have the 'horrible' leg cramps (stage 4) still after being cured for a long while.
I grab a spray bottle of Arnica that I have close by and it stops the contortions instantly. I got it online.
I noticed it comes when I use my legs too much like walking and forgetting the 75% rule. (oh I didn't do Harvoni {solvadi/ledipasvir} I did Solvadi/Olysio.)
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I didn't have any cramps for about a year - since I started supplementing with Magnesium. I have cirrhosis and 8 months out since treatment and had one of the insane ones the other night and my first thought was oh god, it's back. I had a couple more night cramps and started trying to figure it out and came to the conclusion that it's the heat and subsequent dehydration. So, like Patra, I am now a believer in the power of Gatorade on over 90 degree days. No cramps since
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