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Research supported antifibrotics - do they exist?

The problems of treatment failure for SOC/IFN nonresponders and the possibility of reducing future supercombo-SVRchances by introducing archived resistance mutations when using "Pseudomonotherapy" - (that is here defined as using  a single  antiviral agent that is not protected against resistance development by its combo with an IFN/riba component (IFN by definition in this scenario is not sufficiently effective in reducing viral replication so that all the burden to tame the adaptive quasispecies evolution falls on the antiviral)) together with the 61% and 65% SVR rates for the latest triple modality in Geno 1s, have raised concern and the awareness for the need for alternate/additional treatment modalities in many HCV patients and their health care providers. Waiting for future antiviral developments is one route frequently recommended, but for the patients  in current need, our repertoire of additional meaningful approaches needs to be carefully reevaluated. Using antifibrotics to halt fibrosis progression is one concept not proven in large trials but it might well be effective in many, because the mechanisms for fibrosis generation are not intrinsically linked to HCV persistence, but rather to secondary response mechanisms evoked in the chronically inflamed liver, with the stellate cell activation holding center stage in this scenario. The following is one of several possible add on modalities.
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Quote: "To get a good feel for the overall effect of a substance, you need to study many publications in its regard"

I would love to study many publications in its regard and would love to get links to better publications about human trials with PPC, tha the one I have posted. As you know the opinionleaders here in Germany want evidence based data. They will not accept as an argument, if I tell them that a very clever guy in a forum told has this opinion :-)
Any links to good human trials about PPC and fibrosis progression available?

Thank you in advance, drofi
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"A promissing substance might be mp-1021 from Metriopharm: http://tinyurl.com/274j8h "

Sorry, the german link was for HR, he is able to read it. I do not have any english article at hand, but will try to get it. MP-1021 is an inhibitor of macrophages and their inflammatory effect. It already has a marketing authorisation from regulatory authorities in eastern europe.
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may i suggest a bright blue tarp secured with fullsize truck tires...and them skunks are durn good eatin and mite just come in hand,esp if y'all selling the farm buying them there supplementations..        
that said i am following this train of thot w avidity and await translation into english and layman terms with eager anticipation...meanwhile i'm chowing down a porterhouse with dble espresso...
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AND.......it would be nice to know who is the manufacturer of the product one would be choosing.
i am a bit paranoid that somehow it would be from china and have strange chemicals within the preparation that may cause one to faint, seizure, or suddenly speak in tongues.
LOL, i am a cautious and discerning soul. sorry nutritional supplements cause me to question not only their value bio-chemically but the origin of manufacturing. after all this is big business and the dollar is worth alot of deceptions.
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yeah, I notice right next to LEF's scientific summaries of studies they put their links to "buy now!". The same with Vitacost.com. It seems like LEF and VitaCost never quote any studies about things that don't work. . . . ..

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So, has anyone found the least expensive PPC that meets HRs' criteria?
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