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Rheumatoid Arthritis

Yeah, I know this is the hep c forum, but this is my base so I'm starting here.  During the health fair which I used for my basic blood test since it was inexpensive, they offered a free screening for RA.  Have a cousin with RA who's a few years older than me, and thought it would be good to know.  Well it came back positive for the RA Factor but normal for the other test the citric citrulline PEP IGG or CCP.  It doesn't seem the tx could have triggered it, but I'm hoping it didn't aggravate it.  Anyone out there who has this in this forum?  Thanks for listening.  June
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since I've learned of my hepC, I have often wondered if I caused the JRA in my daughter.  I probably had it before she was born.  Wonder if anyone has ever heard of a connection.
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I don't personally, but one of my best friends does. She has also treated for Hep C in the past, and cleared. Unfortunately she said the virus has returned after many years of remission. She's had the RA for a long time. It's a devastating disease. She takes Embrel to manage it. I think she has some other autoimmune issues, too. No fun.
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Yep.  I have RA.  I came down with it the last two months of my first round of treatment.    RA can be an extra-hepatic manifestation, it can be genetic and it can definately be aggravated by interferon.   As far as the genetic side, usually you are at risk if you have a direct family history such as a mother or father (my mother had it), the risk lessens the further down the family chain.

I had apparanetly tested positive for the RA factor 7 years before I ever did treatment my hep C and never knew it.   Interferon insulted the heck out of it and I became extremely symptomatic with severe hot swellling and redness.

If I were you, I'd seek a consult with a really good rheumatologist to  make sure what's going on.   It is even possible to have a negative RA factor and still have RA (serum negative RA).   It's nothing to p lay with as it is a progressive disease and does a tremendous amount of damage within the first year if not watched closely.

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