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Ribavirin Literature From Manufacturer - No Fat

As for the ongoing question regarding fat with Ribavirin, I will write what's on the literature I received with the Ribavirin/Pagasys kit.:

"Take this medication by mouth, usually twice daily with food for 24 to 48 weeks".... NO mention of fat...

" Drink plenty of water while being treated with this medication. Doing so will decrease the risk of serious side effects"

"Tooth and gum problems may sometimes occur during Interferon/Ribavirin treatment. Dry mouth can worsen this side effect. Prevent dry mouth by drinking plenty of water or by using a saliva substitute".

"If you experience vomiting, rinses your mouth thoroughly afterwards to reduce tooth and gum problems".

So... I still see no mention of fat in this literature and am curious as to who wrote this "new" protocol which did not exist in my 4 previous attempts...

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The fat is for the incivek
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this is old news.  already posted and commented on in original post.

ribavirin has been around a very long time. the pamphlet that is included with the drug could be as old as the drug (been around since the 80's)

More recent studies done on why some people clear HCV and some don't included the absorb ability of ribavirin. This is when several studies find that when Fat is added to riba it is absorbed better.  

I would at least take the riba with fat long enough for it to build up in my system. then i could take with lower fat food. Perhaps after 12 weeks. ikr the old saying  "can't hurt"
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Point well taken as far as date of publication. Now if I can only find a way to drop this added weight. I cringe at the thought that weight gain may continue for 9.5 more months.

cringing Magnum
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I'd stick to the old basis just to be sure.......all the 'riba binding to the fat instead of being washaed out' is too stuck in my brain to do anything else.
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Ribavirin has been around since about 1997-1998,  I was in the tail end of the clinical trials for Ribavirin (Rebetol) beginning in 1997 and ending the trial when it was FDA approved in 1998.  That was TX #1 for me.  At that time, there was never any mention of the fat thing.  Nor was the fat thing mentioned for my next 3-4 TX's.  I've only heard of the fat thing come up during the course of like the last 6 yrs.

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ribavirin was being used in mexico to treat of all things the flu back in the 80's. I believe they found out it help with HIV, then of course saw it helped lower HCV VL in co-infected people. Not sure when they added the interferon, think the 90's. The rest is history.
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