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Ribavirin and anemia resolution

Hi all you wise heppers out there!

For those who have taken riba in the past and experienced anemia on treatment do you remember about how long it took for your anemia to resolve and HGB and related blood counts to return to normal levels?

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Hi Lynn! My hemoglobin went down to 12 (from ~16) during the second week of treatment and stayed that low throughout. The test showed it went back to normal 4 weeks EOT (and I felt better already about 3 weeks after treatment) .
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Lynn: I started feeling well enough to go out without the walker At 2 weeks.  By 4 weeks, I felt post tx 'normal'.  By 12 weeks, I had energy galore and my HMG was back up to 13 from the 9.5 it was at end of tx.  It could have returnerd to the 'normal' range sooner, but my Dr only does EOT then EOT12 and 24 Lab tests so I don't know exactly when it was.
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I feel relatively ok just get winded a bit and just kinda feel blah like rundown. Primarily I am wondering how long till the blood test returns to normal range.

I did ask to do a 4 week viral load and my doctor is going to do the whole group at week 4 so liver functions and CBC. Guess I will know by then.

I am hoping my HGB will be back above the min normal of 11.1 from my current 10.0 by week 4
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Lynn, my issue with ribavirin took almost 6 months to resolve with procrit. But, I was an unusual case. My bone marrow was so depleted due to years of interferon and ribavirn so I don't think you will have to wait that long. Mine had dropped to 7.1. It never returned to it's high of 15. I hang around 11.5-12.0 now, two years after SVR. I hope yours rebounds quickly.
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Hey, I was so anemic I was disqualified for an earlier clinical trial @ HUP, before being accepted into this one I completed in October. The head of Hepatology said to take one iron tablet with a meal daily ( 28 mg. of elemental iron I think is the standard(?), there are different concotions available OTC.) Within 2 months my RBC, Hemoglobin and Hematocrit, in fact my enitire Hematology panel, was back to well within normal ranges. My diet was poor, that plus I always scored close to anemic even before the HCV/tx, so I needed the boost. I now take one every 3-4 days as a precaution. It can be a bit rough on some people's GI tract, hence the "take with food" caveat. I can't say I felt any more energy once the levels were WNL.    Good Luck,  mac
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Hi Hope

ok I am going to like your answer since it is saying what I want to hear lol!

Thanks :-)
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