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Ribavirin rash?

I'm in the Telaprevir trial in week 13, so I finished the Telaprevir (or placebo) this past Wednesday.  A day or two before that my scalp started itching.  Yesterday it spread to the point that I had the itchies on almost half my body.  Then I noticed tiny bumps where it itched worst.  I took Benadryl, which didn't make it totally go away but brought it under control.  It's better today but not gone.  Just took another Benadryl.  The rashy areas are a little pinker than normal skin but not bright red.  Could this be the infamous "Ribavirin rash"?  Does it sound like it to folks who have had it?  If so, what did you do about it?  My Ribavirin dose was just reduced from 1000mg/day to 600mg/day.  Will that make the rash go away?  If so, how soon?  I see my doctor next Tuesday but figured I'd query the community now to see what wisdom can be offered by those with experience.

Thanks in advance...

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From what I've read so far, Telaprevir and Ribavirin both may produce rash and Telaprevir is supposed to be worse one of them.

Hope it will go away real fast.

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There are several members here that are in the Telaprevir trials or who have completed their treatment and am sure they will chime in to help answer your question. You may want to query Andiamo1 for he has completed his treatment with Telaprevir and has had a problem with the rash. I could say the sever rash, but have not treated with Telaprevir in the mix. Good Luck to you!

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I used a cortisone cream-desoximetasone 0.25%-this is allowed in the trial.  I only had to use it for a day or two.  And I take Atarax 10mg.  It is not as drying as benedryl.  

I hope you get some relief=)

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Sorry I have only been in the VX trial for a little more then a week so I can't really help. I asked the trial nurse about benadryl and she said it was not allowed in the trial. I then asked if I could take tylonol PM to sleep and she said no because that has benedryl in it. so I guess benedryl is not an option for us in the telaprevir study?
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First of all I was not a part of the trial you are talking about but I did experience the Riba rash (small, raised,  itchy, red dots) very early on in treatment.  There are several things I tried to help and these are the ones that I had success with:

1. Drinking enough water
2. Banishing all forms of Sodium Laurel Sulphate in my personal hygiene regime.  ie use organic shampoos and soap substitutes.  Read all labels carefully as you will find SLS, or SAS in products you could never imagine!
3. Using a 10% Urea cream all over my body and limbs twice a day to keep my skin hydrated.
4. Adding a tablespoon Virgin Coconut Oil to my breakfast and a teaspoon of Fish Oil (Omega 3 & 6) after breakfast.  This one is VERY effective, my itching has ceased since I added this in.
5. For the really really itchy ones back at the beginning I also used a Hydrocortisone cream.

Hope this helps!

Epi :)
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Being you are finished with the study drug it is probably the riba rash. Stay out of the sun completely, don't shower too often, oatmeal baths, and ice packs to take away the redness. I find cold air eases the itch.
Good Luck!
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