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I know I'm posting terribly much today, but my brain is hyperactive and quite clear today, so I'm trying to use it while it lasts.

Dosage Ribavirin 1000mg

Considering that I have read that the sx of Riba can be agitating and might make it difficult for you to sleep, would it make sense to take it. Deb_c430 mentions on another thread, if I may quote, that if she takes her riba to late it does cause more agitation and sleeplessness.  

So I was thinking that it would be best to take it as early as 6 and to take the larger dose in the morning.

6 am    600mg

6 pm    400mg

Any input appreciated. Please correct me, if my logic is failing me.


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I have only been dosing for a week and haven't had any real problems sleeping. I take same dose of riba at 6 am and 2 pm. I don't know if it gets worse over time, so far so good

Good luck!!
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I thought it had to be spaced exactly 12 hours from each other. Am I missing something???

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I took mine - one at morning - and one at night prior to going to sleep. (when I woke up - and when I went to sleep changes a lot because of shift work --- both hubby and I have always worked shifts that change --- and the kids are natural vampires... LOL we're night birds at our house.)

I've always had insomnia --- so I didn't notice any change... except that I felt like a ZOMBIE with Insomnia - and had no energy... LOL!

I dunno if I can answer this one --- cause it really depends on each person individually - their lifestyles and hours of sleeping.

And some folks must follow regimen... and others - well they can do different things. But I tried to keep them 12 hours apart or more... but not more than 18 hours apart.


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I take 1000mg a day - 3 in the morning  - 2 at night.  I eat a little something with both doses to make sure tummy doesn't get upset.  I only weigh around a 117 lbs and so far haven't had any problems with anemia, weight loss or weight gain.  My ANC and platelets tried to tank a few times but that's about it.  I had to adjust my sleep over the last 12 wks.  I've never been a sound sleeper so it wasn't any big deal when i slept just a few hours. I've worked the entire time and fatigue was my biggest complaint.  I know this sounds crazy, but the last few weeks I've actually felt almost normal again.  The fevers stopped, fatigue not too bad, no nausea, just feel good.  I never thought that would happen.  I hope I don't jinx myself but it's amazing to me how everything changed over a short period of time.  Haven't ever suffered with depression or bad riba rage, no rash yet and my hair is still intact.  I know that is all subject to change at anytime but I'll enjoy it while it lasts. Only in my 13th week of tx but the first couple of months were rough.  I think my body must be getting used to the meds (thank God) and I only hope it lasts.  I was prepared for the onslaught of sx and was pleasantly surprised how little I've suffered compared to some.  You just never really know and when it tries to kick your butt you just keep regrouping until something works.  That is the best way I know how to tell you to deal with what is ahead of you.  You know the old saying"  the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry".  I hope I don't sound critical, I sense you're a bit of a worrier and like your ducks in a row at all times.  I'm kind of the same way, or let me say I was that way until tx started dictating who was the boss.  Besides, you've got us to guide you through every step of the way. -
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Riba has a very long half life so with the normal doses were talking about, so the timing of your riba is not that critical, as long as you get the correct dose down the hatch every day -- at least according to my treatment team. Riba also absorbs better with food that has a decent fat content, so I took my riba with my two (and only) meals, breakfast and dinner. Breakfast was sometime between 10AM and 12 Noon, and dinner usually between 4-6PM. Taking a larger morning dose and smaller evening dose may help you sleep better.
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Makes sense to take the larger dose in the morning and the smaller in the evening. I am aware that it should be taken with fat. No sardines and eggs whites for me though :-) I'm vegetarian. I will take it with a piece of Danish rye bread and a nice slice of French raw cheese or avocado on it.

I have breakfast between 7- 9 and dinner, lunch between 12 - 14 and dinner between 7-9. I snack in between. I sleep around 12 at night and wake up between 6 - 7.30. I have no idea how I have ended up in this rhythm, but it is since I am sick. (symptomatic with fatigue, brain fog, weakness, joint and muscle aches) I usually take a nap during the day. I have never done that before in my whole entire life. now I just conk out for 1 or 2 hours in the middle of the day or afternoon.

Anyway, the question is, how far from bedtime should it be spaced, not to suffer from insomnia. If I take it at 6pm, I should be good, shouldn't I?


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I don't think it will make a difference... Don't worry too much.
But avocados and cheese were my favorites for Riba's required fat
(on treatment my taste was changed completely
.. I could not get even close to my favorite sandines for 2 years while on treatment) :-)

All the bst from the west!
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Thanks so much to all of you, for your good advice.

I guess I'm getting too much into the nitty gritty of treatment here. I tend to get into details ... must have inherited that from somewhere...


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I take my first dose at 6am then my second around 3:30in the afternoon. I had problems sleeping in the beginning.

That works for me.
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There is a good chance that the riba won't effect your sleep pattern.  I don't have any trouble with sleeping, only in the sense that that if I don't get it, I hit the wall.  However, the PegINF does effect my sleep on shot day and probably the next, I get a speed like effect from it and the hangover. Emi
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i take all of mine at the same time when i get home from work, my doc said it was ok.. i started with two in the morning but i was getting sick in work.

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Given you schedule -- and don't be surprised if it changes once you start treating -- I'd take my first riba with bkfast and the second with dinner. That way you'll have plenty of food/fat with it -- plus if you eat at seven, you still have five hours before bedtime.  Alternatively, you could take your second dose with lunch, but I'd try space the two doses at least four hours apart, although I don't have anything scientific to back that up other than one study shows that riba is saturable, meaning that it may lose some of its potency if you take a large quantity all at once.

BTW I was surprised to hear that you haven't even seen your hepatologist yet. You're way ahead of most people with these questions which is really excellent, but don't stress yourself too much trying to figure it all out in a week. You have time.

-- Jim
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