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Two questions..Thanks ahead of time for your answers!

Does it effect your nervous system and make you feel shakey and speedy or do you actually feel nothing, though many get insomnia.

Do most of you take sleep aids during tx? Do you feel nervous during the day? Just curious b/c I need to talk to people all day at work.

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People react differently.
       I don't feel nervous, have problems sleeping or take sleeping aids. Occassionally I get some anxiety and resolve that with slow deep breathing exercises.   I do get irritable, obsessive and ornery which I think is from the riba. Since we start interferon and riba at the same time, I think its hard to know which is to blame for what side effects.  
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At about week 4 insomnia set in. I can't sleep, toss and turn until 4 or 5 in the morning, then get about 2 hours sleep. I have a very short temper and have to watch myself so I don't get mad about nothing. I'm sure it's the riba.
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Hi, I'm on week 38 of 48 and I have never had speedy/nervous feeling from the riba or Interferon. These are all the symptoms that I experienced: lethargic , nauseated, hair loss, dry mouth, sore tongue, dry, dry skin, an abundance of itching, irritable, sadness, and not wanting to do or go anywhere. Hope this helps.
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Only my sx -
no jitters or speedy feelings, but as Hawk, have the irritability and "Riba Rage" when feel too anxious and blow my top  - so to speak.  As for sleep aids, I've been able to take low dose Amitriptyline (I know, old school drug, but on low dose works fine to "rest" me). But don't know that Riba causes much "hyper" feelings by itself, but no doctor.  Take care, G
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Its wierd the morning round would make me feel a little jittery but not engough to interfear with work, the evening dose would  not make me jittery at all , but when it was time to go to sleep my mind kept racing, what helped me through was ativan its an old calm down pill like zanax but takes longer to hit you but last longer , and lets your mind rest..
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I guess it depends on just how much Ribavirin your daily dosage is.....Mine is 1200 mg's..I was in great shape when I started tx,But i can say this during the loading phase my irritablity level went thru the roof..A fly would fart in Africa and I'd get PO'd.....The feeling was kinda like that of a car with the enigine reved to full throttle in gear but WITH THE BRAKES ON....constant tension..And Yes it affected my sleep greatly.....If I got "any" decent " ,decent meaning 2-3 hours in a row..that would be more like 1 out of 5....If I got sleep then I had an almost half decent day....I had gone to my Doctor for help.He put me on Hydroxyzine = Atarax...It's a Antihistimine with calming properties,they use it alot in Pre OP surgery for patients that are nervous...
   It seemed to do the trick,even helped with getting my nerves under control...
It got bad enough before this that I had called my Hep Doc and they gave me a script of Cetalopram......I refused to take it.....I personally don't want to become a zombie.

   All I can say sweety is be strong...The loading phase in rough and for the first 12 weeks it's not going to be fun..
I'll pray for you.
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