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Risk from lancet?

I checked my blood sugar this morning using one of my family member's glucose meter out of curiosity today. I am wondering if I have to worry about testing for Hep C as I do not know that person's status.

Key things to note -

1) I placed a brand new needle inside the lancing device, although the device belongs to my family member
2) I placed a brand new glucose testing strip inside the meter

Do you guys recommend I get tested?

Thank you everyone!
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No need to worry. Go an enjoy your life :).
There is no risk in your case
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I concur, no risk from this event.   You used a new needle and a new testing strip, so no one else's blood came in contact with your body.

You don't even know if your family member has Hepatitis C - and even if they did, it would still be a no risk situation.

To put this in perspective, in health care settings, doctors and nurses who accidentally stick themselves with a needle that has just been used on a patient that they know is Hepatitis C positive only are infected at a rate of less than 3% of the time - 97% of the time, nothing happens.   What happened to you isn't even close to a bloody needle stick, so your odds of becoming infected are non-existent.

No need to get tested for this.   However, the next time you get a check-up, you may want to have your doctor run the test for Hepatitis C just to set a baseline in case you ever have an actual exposure in the future so you can say "look, I was tested back then and it came back negative".   You might also want to have an HIV test (and other STDs if you are sexually active) for the same reason.  
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There was no risk...

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