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Risk of contracting Hep C during sex

I am reluctant to have sex with my partner who has full blown Hep C.  Of what I've read on the risks and what my doctor have said, the risk is low with one partner relationships.  But, that using a condom is recommended.  My partner does not want to use a condom because it's uncomfortable and he can't feel anything. Now I'm wondering if oral sex is even safe?
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"...full blown Hep C"  Huh???
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I work within the harm reduction community so here is my answer based on that knowledge. Sex is relatively safe with a hep C partner so long as a condom is used. If your partner isn't willing to use a condom, don't have sex with him. I feel your partner's position is very selfish. He should know the risk of transmitting hep C to you. I believe oral sex is relatively safe, but there is still a risk of transmission. If you have oral sex you should still use a condom.
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By using the nonsensical phrase 'full blown' you are confusing Hep C with AIDS.I appreciate you are new to this but please don't use it again
Now to your question;
The bottom line is that sexual transmission is extremely rare.
In eight years of interacting with Hep C people I have not come across anyone who has been infected or infected anyone else through normal sex.
Oral is perfectly safe.As long as you don't mix blood you can't get.it.
There is no active virus in human by-products such as semen,saliva,sweat ect.
All the scientific studies state a very low risk with some stopping just short of saying no risk at all.The highest figure I have ever seen quoted was a 3% risk per annum but there was no supporting evidence.
Most advise condom but others not.
I was infected for over twenty years before I knew.I had unprotected sex with my wife and former girlfriends.Several had a test and all were clear.
That's about all I can tell you,except I do use a condom now.You get used to them!!!!!
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Your partner shouldn't be selfish. Use a condom for other reasons, not this one. Hep C is extremely rare to get through regular sex. The risk for couples in a relationship is 0-3%. All of my doctors have told me this. The CDC doesn't even recommend that couples in a relationship start using condoms if one of them finds out they have Hep C. This is coming from the CDC! But you should use one if you feel more comfortable.
Have you done any research online? Because you WONT get it from oral sex!!! Its blood to blood transmission. Unless he is bleeding from his penis, and you have an open wound in your mouth, then NO.
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It seems that you have accidentally confused Hepatitis C with Hepatitis B...

Hepatitis C is solely a blood borne disease.

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Hep.C transmitted by sex is extremely rare. Transmitted through oral sex is almost impossible unless bleeding of the gums and teeth dragging. I suggest you get married because oral sex seems to be the first to vanish. Unless he puts B.S.s in the Pre-nups.
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Um, you realize that what your partner is saying is that his pleasure is more important than your life?  Yes, transmission through intercourse is *extremely* rare, if it happens at all.  That's even more so with condoms.  However any partner caring more about his pleasure than my health deserves to be dumped immediately.  It's one of the early flags of an abusive relationship.  If he's serious about this, you need to get out and get out fast.  It only gets worse from here.  Believe me, I know.  Been there, done that, Never Again!
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Yes, it is blood borne. However rare sexual transmission is still possible. Blood is not unheard of in sexual intercourse. No matter how rare protection is the best strategy.
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I have full blown HepC and so do most of the ppl on this forum.  That's a little dramatic isn't it?  Why do you stay with the man if you have such a stigmatized thought of him?  The rule of thumb is, if you've been in a monogamous relationship, then you don't have to change sexual habits and that comes from the majority of doctors.  If you sleep around, then you need to use protection.    

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"The rule of thumb is,....."

Don't think the discussion is about thumbs here.
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Yeah I know, sometimes I just put stuff down and if it makes someone smile that's even better.  lol  Sometimes the right words just don't pop up.  lol
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FlGuy is always great at catching those little things and turning them into something funny. God bless his humor! We surely need lots of that!
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I have had HCV for 35 to 40 years. I have sex with wife for 30 years while infected and have 5 children without transmission of the hep c virus. We used no precautions, hence the 5 kids :-)

Had I known I was infected, and knowing what I know now about the disease, we probably would not have done much differently. This is anecdotal, but I am convinced that the virus is pretty hard to get through sex.
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