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Roll call: Who had no risk factors?

I'm just curious.  After reading many, many posts from people who had high ALT numbers yet were not subsequently tested for hcv, I'm wondering if this was because they had none of the standard risk factors.  No IVDU, no transfusions, no employment in a medical setting.  The protocols are still not to test the general population, probably because of medical economics - we all know how much treatment costs.  Yet from my two years visiting this forum, I've read many posts from folks like myself who didn't fit into the profile and thus weren't tested until substantial liver damage had occurred, in some cases even cirrhosis.

And then I want to ask: How many of you who didn't have the usual risk factors did the following: Had dental work and/or a manicure, shared tools at work, became blood brothers with the kid next door, etc?  Who thinks everybody should be tested whenever they have blood drawn?  And does anybody have any ideas how we can communicate this need to the medical profession?
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i had risk factors IVDU and as soon as they went up i got the test for hcv...my doctor knew i had risk factors though before my enymes went up ...i think youre right if you dont have any risk factors it seems like the dont atomatically test for hcv
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I had a transfusion as an infant 53+ years ago but my doctors ignored that fact since it was such a remote incident.  If I didn't get it from that, I had no risk factors other than visiting the dentist 2x/year every year for routine work and had my wisdom teeth extracted, I had 2 C-sections and 4 other surgeries but none required blood or blood products.  Basically, my doctor considered me as not having any risk factors.

I definitely think everyone should be tested during routine physicals, etc.  How this can be accomplished is beyond me...but I think money talks...the big money needs to get behind it but it probably wouldn't be profitable.

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I did not have any risk factors, none.  Every time I see a doctor they review the same list to see if any apply, the answer is the same no known or identified source of hep c infection.  A large percentage of people do not know how they contracted hep c.
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I definitely had the high risk factors, my doctor tested me right away.  I wonder how many ppl haven't had any risk factors??  It will be interesting to find out.
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I go to the doctor every year for routine physicals.  I got blood work once a  year.  I never high Alt's or Ast"S.  I went for a life insurance policy and my insurance agent told me i had Hep C.  

Risk Factors for me was i was married to IVDU, i never used drugs, however,  i always searched for "works and could have been poked by them,  I would rip the works out if i caught him (yea i was a drug addicts nightmare). Other then that i could have shared a toothbrush or nail clippers and of course through intercourse.

thats me!

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I think the way to start is by getting the word out about HCV. I had risk factors, about 30 yrs ago for about 6 months I was an IVDU and after a bad accident I had a transfusion that ended my party days.  When AIDS came out I was tested a few times for it but never knew to be tested for HCV. I have always gone for my yearly check-ups and my liver enzymes have always been great, but since I didn't know about HCV and had tested negative for AIDS I choose to not tell about my risk factors since they were apart of a life that hasn't exited in thirty years. It wasn't until a cleint came into the office telling me that he had HCV from a transfusion, I didn't even know what it was or that you got it from blood to blood contact, that was in Nov. I went straight to my GP and was tested for HCV the rest is history. Had I known about HCV I would have tested years ago.
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