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Russell Blaylock, MD - Take with a grain of...

I saw a post on the previous page from Abbas quoting Dr. Russell Blaylock re. post tx side effects.  Although there is a great deal of info from legitimate sources about such sides, anything from Blaylock should be taken with a lump of salt because a grain isn't enough.  He's part of the anti-aspartame crowd headed by "Mad Betty" Martini, who spams the Internet with lengthy diatribes against aspartame, vaccinations, and mercury in fillings.  These folks like to include some real facts along with their imaginings - just enough to convince anybody who doesn't investigate, and who always has the time to investigate?

As a diabetic, I've run into Blaylock, Martini, Rense et al when they spam alt.support.diabetes, my diabetes support group.  They are whack jobs.  Don't believe anything they say!!  It MIGHT be true, but you can never be sure.  If you don't believe me, check their writings for conspiracy theories, which are dead giveaways of where they're at.
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Sorry to get you off topic.
I've been wondering about this for some time.
I'm trying to get off sugar. As it is hard on the liver.
Splenda has really
made it so much easier. I've never read anything negative about it.
Do you use it? Do you have HepC?
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     I think you right.  I searched him up on web, thinking he must have some kind of good background, but all that comes up is his the sky is falling stuff.  
       Thanks for warning.    I will have to wait to argue with you another time .LOL.        
                      Thxs,   Aloha..
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you know I've read lots of pros and cons to some of this stuff, but i'm no expert, don't know that much really...but it's odd, when I have artificial sweetner (not a big sweettooth person, so I rarely have sweet stuff, but I've tried sweetners in say, frozen yogurt at times, and other things) in frozen yogurt for instance, I feel strange, I don't like the way I feel...I'm better off with real sugar for some reason, and I can't take a whole lot of that...I'm hypoglycemic so I don't know how that plays into this...I know it sounds strange, coming from me, won't be the first time, he he...
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Yes, I've heard hypoglycemics sometimes do have problems with artificial sweeteners, but it's with all of them, not specifically any one kind.  Nutrasweet, Splenda, saccharine, they all can make your body act as if they're sugar - don't know how this works, but it does sometimes - and your pancreas will secrete insulin to counteract what's not there.

But Blaylock and friends seem to have a grudge against aspartame in particular, although from the scientific evidence I've read (not believing in most conspiracy theories), they're full of it.  They claim the stuff causes something like 97 different illnesses - far too many to believe.  The only people who should stay away from aspartame. from what I can tell, are babies with PKU (a rare genetic disorder), people who have migraines, and some hypoglycemics.  Or if you find the stuff has a nasty taste, which about 20% or so of the population does (they're called "supertasters"), you'll want to avoid it.

Check out the alt.support.diabetes to see examples of the anti-aspartame rantings.  They're actually pretty funny.  They'll try to sell you stevia, which if you think nutrasweet tastes bad, you'll really find out what bad is.  The diabetes group members, who've been using artificial sweeteners all their lives, have none of the diseases Blaylock et al claim they should have, and they get pretty peeved when they're spammed.

BTW, I'm back from Sweet Home Chicago, which was fabulous.  
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Thanks for balancing it out. I'll have to look into it more, I knew nothing about the guy. Why is it that I barely trust any of the dr's I have been to, yet read something published by a guy I've never heard of and I become susceptible to believing every word of it?
Any of those nuts who love to blame nutra- sweet et al, are just trying to get noticed by their inflammatory approaches.
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Don't bother checking him out - just avoid him and listen to your own doctor instead.

This guy gives me the CREEPS majorly.
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