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my father is suffering from hepatitus c for last 3 years and he had taken course of both 24 & 48 injections under complete doctor supervision but both time the viral load report tested after 6 months showed positive results & now the viral count is 8,00000  &  now doctor is refering for the medicine TELEPRAVIR but till now it is not available in india.. so, i want to know key information about :
its availability , its typical cost , its sideeffects , the details of complete course to be taken from now.......
                urgent answer required & hoop to hear  from you soon.
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His viral load is not indicative of the condition of his liver. That is what he needs to know.  copyman is right -google telepravir.  We expect it to be available this spring or summer in the U.S.A. -but we're not sure when the insurance companies will approve/pay for it as it will be very expensive.  If he can get into a clinical trial with the stuff -- are you near any teaching hospitals?  There are also some other great treatments coming up -but they're still in the trial stage -some don't include interferon or riba.  He needs to take very good care of his liver in the meantime. Right now, that is his best bet as there is no reason to treat with the SOC available as he may have built up some resistance to it.
Good luck to him!
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Telaprevir is not available here in the USA. Not sure about Europe. Since it has not been available yet no one knows how much it will cost.  There will be more information to answer your questions later this year when it is approved. In the meantime you can google it and get a lot of information about it.
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Hello. Thanks for the note. I didn't respond to your questions about the side effects of the Telepravir.  They are similar to the side effects of the treatment he previously tried as he will be taking the interferon, ribavirian, and the telepravir (not sure of spelling).  I am pretty sure for re-treaters they are saying treat for 48 weeks.  Perhaps he can stay very healthy and wait for other meds still in clinical trials (a couple of years) but he will need to have a liver biopsy or something to track the progress of his liver every 6 months or year -according to his doctor's orders.  He will have to be proactive in his health care.
You are a good son. Take care.
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You post referencing treatments of 24 then 48 weeks implies that your father's HCV genotype might be 2 or 3.  Do you know?  More information might be helpful; genotype, condition of liver,  if liver biopsy was performed , whether he ever achieved undetected level of virus during the treatments, if he adhered to the medication schedule.... Depending on a lot of factors, serious might not be SERIOUS.
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