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SVR - Class of 2010

Following the tradition that Marcia started in 2009, let's start a thread for 2010 SVR's. Hopefully it will be a good inspiration for all the folks going through treatment or about to start.

I was GT 3a with low viarl load but co-infected with HIV. Did 24 weeks SOC (pegasys & weight based ribavirin), RVR (clear at week 4) and clear all the way through - finished treatment July 20, 2009 and received my SVR on January 22, 2010.

Really glad to have this great community for support and information. Thanks everyone.

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Great idea and I think I will be on it!!  I find out Feb 19
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Congrats Joey and good luck to you max.  I will find out in Apr.
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Great news Joey, and I wish max and yuk all the best.I hope I can join too.But I just had my first shot on Thursday,so it will be awhile.
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Great news. I hope I can join too.Stopped tx in Dec. Hopefully I'll know in May. Have been UND since wk 4. Dr. said I was almost Und at 2 wks
Good Luck to everybody!!!!!!!!!!! Tough tx
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Congrats Joey! You are an inspiration to those like myself who are just beginning their journey.
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Great ideal. I hope it is a very large list. I think I'll be treating in 2010, but it's unlikely that I'll be graduating until 2011.
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Great Idea!
Always a good idea to chat to others going through it and can relate to the our own experiences that are happening now.
I've got my appointment with the liver clinic first week of feb very nervous. Been contemplating treatment for a few years its down to the action now.
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Congratulations, I am really happy for you, hy husband has Hep C GT 3a, can you please, shortly innumerate what side effects it had on you apart from flu symptoms???
Thanks a bunch in advance
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I was going to begin a SVR 2010 thread, but saw that one had already been started, so will bump it for updates.

Genotype 1a
Cirrhosis (well compensated) Stage 4, Grade 3
age 57 HCV 35+ years
fatty liver
metabolic syndrome
VL ~1,000,000
clear at 12 weeks
72 weeks enhanced tx (Pegasys/Riba)
Procrit helper (1X per week) for 1/2 tx
SVR 12/7/2010 (cryo gone too)
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Congrats Joey!

I'm part of the 2010 class:

Genotype 1b
Age 55, HCV for 53 years when tx started
Finished 48 wks of tx in August 09
SVR with UND at 6 months (Feb 10)
Stage 1/Grade1
UND at wk 4
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I was suppose to post this in the last day of 2010
but because of some confusion with my Dr. i had to re-do the PCR-RNA test

Genotype 1b
Age 32
Finished 48 wks of tx in June 10
UND at wk 4

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