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SVR or Relapse?

As more and more members are either reaching SVR or relapsing, I thought we could start a thread which allows those who have completed treatment to post their personal results. This may be helpful to others who will be starting treatment soon.

If you choose to participate, please follow this outline:

VL at start:
What Treatment:
How Long:
SVR or Relapse:  
Comments:  (if any)

Feel free to suggest additional info.
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Gender: Male
Age: 59
Ht/Wt: 6' 220#
Genotype: 2b
VL at start: 125,000
What Treatment: Sovaldi/Ribavirin
How Long: 12 weeks
Date completed 04/22/14
SVR or Relapse: SVR
Liver Status:  F2-3 on biopsy 06/13 Fibroscan 10.2 kPa 07/14
Naive or Prior treatment:  Naive

Additional Comments:  
No side effects to speak of. I was able to XC ski regularly and cycle 200 mi+ a week while on treatment. Hemoglobin went as low as 13.9 but no anemia
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hi geos results

gender        male
genotype    3a
viral load    dont know
treatment   ribavarin/interferon
duration     48  weeks
outcome    relapser
liver staus   cirhotic
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Gender:  Female
Age: 59
Length of time since infection: 35 years
Ht/Wt: 5'6" / 132 lbs
Genotype: 2 (non-a/non-b)
VL at start: 8.7 million (when tested 6 mos. before starting treatment)
What Treatment: Sovaldi 400mg day + Ribavirin 1000mg day
How Long: 12 weeks
Outcome: SVR at 13 weeks post end-of-treatment (EOT)
Liver status: Non-cirrhotic
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Great idea, A brief treatment history especially if it included the first round of protease inhibitors teleprevir etc could also be helpful.
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5'8" Age 28
Genotype 1A
VL: 500,000
Sovaldi/ Olysio 12 Weeks
Prior 3x partial responder interferon/ riba

SVR 12
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This is a really good idea
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Could we also include liver status; i.e. cirrhotic or noncirrhotic? Thank you for starting this thread, I'm 4 weeks past treatment with Sovaldi/Olysio and every time I read about a 1a cirrhotic reaching SVR it gives me hope. I'll post my 12 week end of treatment status on Oct. 23rd when they do the viral load test.
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As per the responses received, please follow this updated outline.

VL at start:
What Treatment:
How Long:
SVR or Relapse:
Liver Status:  
Naive or Prior treatment:  

Additional Comments:  (if any)
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I should have data for you after 9/10 which is when I hope to get my 12 week post results back. I should be a good data point

Gender:   Female
Ht/Wt: 5'3" 165 lbs
Genotype: 1a
VL at start: HCV RNA RT-PCR, QT 2,065,760
What Treatment: Sovaldi Olysio
How Long: 12 weeks
SVR or Relapse: TBD
Liver Status:   Cirrhosis dx 1/08 MELD 7
Naive or Prior: 3 time null responder

Comment: I will let you know
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Tx. Wt. 225 lb.  /  Post-tx. Wt,  230+ lb. / Current Wt. (Ins Res. Ctrld.) 195 lb.
Geno 3e
Baseline vl 625k
23 shots max wt.dosed Peg-Intron +1200/day riba wk 1 -19 800/day wks20-22
Mild fibrosis pre-tx   dx w/NAFLD 1 yr post-tx  resolved aprox 8 yr post-tx
11.5 yr SVR
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Gender:  F
Ht/Wt: 5'9"/140 lbs
Genotype: 1B
VL at start: 7 million
What Treatment: Sovaldi/Oylsio
How Long: 12 weeks
SVR or Relapse: Relapse
Liver Status:   Cirrhotic
Naive or Prior treatment: Naive before treatment  
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Gender:  F 40
Ht/Wt: 5'2"/110lbs
Genotype: 1b
VL at start: 515,000
Length of time since infection: 17 years
What Treatment: Sovaldi/Ledispavir/GS-9669 or GS-9451
How Long: 4 weeks
SVR or Relapse: Relapse on 12weeks
Liver Status:   no cirrhosis, no fibrosis
Naive or Prior treatment:   Naive

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Gender:   M
Ht/Wt: 68” / 165 lb
Genotype: 1a
VL at start: 7,216,000
What Treatment: Sovaldi + Olysio + ribavirin
How Long: 12 wks
SVR or Relapse: SVR
Liver Status:   non-cirrhotic
Naive or Prior treatment:   multiple prior
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Gender:  F
Ht/Wt:  6'0, 200 lb
Genotype:  1a
VL at start:  2,975,000
What treatment:Sovaldi/Ribavirin/Pegasys
How long:  12 weeks
SVR or Relapse: unknown.  One week post treatment VL Not Detected.
Liver status:   Early Cirrhosis
Naive or prior treatment:  3rd treatment.  2012-Victrelis/Ribavirin/Pegysys 24 weeks, had to stop 48 week treatment sue to never reaching undetected.  1999- Ribavirin and Interferon 3x a week for 24 weeks.  Didn't work.

Comments:  MD not doing next VL until 2/2015.  Hoping for SVR, but will continue the fight if need be.
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Gender.     Female
Ht/Wt.         5'3/110
Genotype.      2
VL at start.    352.  Only
Tx.     Sovaldi / Ribavirin
Duration.     12 weeks
SVR or Relapse.   SVR12.  Cured
Liver Status.   Early Cirrhosis
Naive or prior Tx.    Naive
Comments.   Completed Tx April 7, 2014
Meld score went from an 8 to a 6 after Tx
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Gender: Female
Ht/Wt: 5' 6"/144 libs
Genotype: 4A
VL at start: 192,000 (4 months prior to treatment)
What Treatment: Sovaldi/Ribavirin/Interferon
(Ribavirin was reduced from 1,000 per day to 200 a day for 2 days after 2 days off [on days 25, 26,] brought up to 600 a day for the rest of 2nd third of Tx, raised to 800 a day for last third of Tx)
How Long: 12 weeks
SVR or Relapse: SVR12
Liver Status: Non-cirrhotic—but no biopsy. Ultrasound normal, enzyme levels low.  
Naive or Prior treatment: Naive
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Gender:  Female
Age:  59
Ht/Wt:  5'7"/155 lbs
Genotype:  1b
VL @ start:  5,070,000
Length of time since infection:  43yrs (Dx: 2012)
What Tx:  Sovaldi/Olysio
How Long:  12 wks
Date Started/Completed:  2/11 - 5/5/14
SRV or Relapse:  SVR-12
Liver Status:  Early Cirrhosis & Fatty Liver (Biopsy 3/18/13)
Naive or Prior Tx:  Naive

Had Favorable Variants, SNPs - C/C & T/T (IL28B)
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I went undetectable at about week 6 on O/S - I am a 1a Cirrhotic - compensated. I have 8 more days to go on the trial. Will keep you posted.
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I know I'm posting too early on this question, and I'll have to update it later, but I can't help myself!

Gender:  Female
Age:  53
Ht/Wt:  5'7"/138 lbs
Genotype:  1A  (prior tested as 1A/1B..1B cleared on one of my tx's)
VL @ start:  2,165,111
Length of time since infection:  30yrs 99% sure infected in 1983-tested positive for nonA/nonB in 1985, told it was 'no big deal'.., elevated LFT's with RUQ pain and Dr. ran the hepatitis panel in 1994-positive for C then.
What Tx:  Sovaldi/Pegasys/Ribavirin
How Long:  10 wks  treatment completes approx 09/15ish...)
Date Started/Completed:  6/18 - 09/15ish...I think of 2014
SRV or Relapse:  to be determined..., so far week 4 and week 8 are undetected.
Liver Status:  had 5 biopsies over the years. 2 of them had bridging fibrosis later stage 2/border 3.., then, with more treatment, biopsy improved and my liver is not a low stage 2, no bridging, but more steatosis
Naive or Prior Tx:  VERY treatment experienced!  This is my 11th attempt at treatment and until this treatment, have always been a null responder.  I ever was on Telaprevir/Incivek.  Did double dosing of Peg-Intron and and double dosing of Infergen.  At one point I was doing a doctor sponsored study of combining Actimmune with a Peg another time, I was on Thymosin and Peg.  Another time when I was on the double dosing on the Infergen, doctor all had me double dosing the Ribavirn.  It's amazing I did keal over on all these different regimens.  I was in several trials, one of which was the Telaprevir/Incivek w/ no Riba/just Peg.., that's the group I was randomized into.  These past few treatment have been about 3 yrs apart.  There was several years that that I was doing a long treatment, didn't clear and then, a few months later was trying something else.  I can't do that anymore. I've put my body through too much.  If I don't SVR on this one, I won't be jumping into a new treatment immediately.  Need recovery time.  Susan400
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Aug 24, 2014
To: All
As per the responses received, please follow this updated outline.

Genotype: 1b
VL at start: 409,000
What Treatment: Sovaldi a and olysio
How Long: 12 weeks
SVR or Relapse: SVR Cured
Liver Status:   2/3
Naive or Prior treatment:   Naive

Additional Comments:  43 years having hep c and many autoimmune disease
Now cured = yeah!
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Just want to keep this thread alive as I do think it will be helpful to others who
not only are starting treatment but those who have relapsed.

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Make 57
6'2 250

255k vl
Sovaldi /ribb
12 weeks
Relaspe second time iv relasped
Vl at 12 post tx 880k
Status good
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Gender:  Female
Ht/Wt:  5' 5" 140
Genotype: 1A
VL at start: first time 12 M, second 336K
What Treatment: Peb, Riba, Polymerase inhibitor  - Incivek, Peg, Riba
How Long: 43 wks  - 24 wks
SVR or Relapse:  Relapse  SVR now considered cured 2 years later
Comments:  Good idea Nan :)
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Hello, like to know how you are doing regarding side effects from  Sovaldi and Olysio, thanks.
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