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SVR Statistics


I'm hoping someone can tell me my SVR success percentage might be.  Is it still just 50%.  Listed below are my stats, I'm 63 weeks into treatment, 9 weeks to go.  I guess I'm getting a little anxious.

Baseline:  3,000,000
4 Weeks:  250,000
8 Weeks:  4,600
12 Weeks:  146
16 Weeks:  undetected

I've tested monthly since the beginning and have stayed undected.  I've had a few drops in hmg but never enough to put me on procrit.  I seem to be hovering around 10.8.  

Treatment hasen't been too bad.  Occasionally grumpy days, especially in the beginning.  I haven't missed any work except for Dr. appointments and they were only for a few hours.  I'm just mostly tired now and will be ready to be finished.  

Thank you for anyone who can tell me what my SVR odds are at this point.  
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Annie222:  I can't help you with the SVR odds but I know that others probably can.  I just wanted to congratulate you for doing so well with your treatment all of your 63 weeks!

I know what you mean about suddenly getting anxious towards the end of treatment about SVR.  I am in week 44 of 48 and I started switching gears towards that worry just a few weeks ago.

My best to you and keep up the great progress!!
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Depends which report you read-probably 66%,but in reality you either clear or you don't.
Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you.  I'll take 66%.  I don't want to have to do this again.  If I do, I'll wait until Teleprevair is on the market.  After 72 weeks of this, 6 months is a piece of cake!

For anyone who reads this, those who are scared.  Don't be, you just might get lucky, not have really bad side effects and the worst part is the anxiety we put ourselve through making sure we don't miss any doses.  In the end, even if we don't clear, we've helped our liver back up a stage.  I was 2-3 for both grade and stage when I started.

But honestly, I'm PRAYING FOR THE SVR, my BIG GRAND PRIZE!!!!!!!  at the end of this.  

I'm planning my big celebration when I finally get the SVR new.

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You'll clear.  Have you prayed for SVR?  Just ask. I'll pray for you too.
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